4 Reasons You Need Auto Body Repair

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When your vehicle is damaged in an accident, it’s vital to assess the damage and determine what you can get repaired. In some cases, the damage is purely cosmetic, and you may want to get it fixed simply so that your car continues to look its best. While this is a perfect reason to get collision repair in Houston, TX, not all auto bodywork is about aesthetics. Here are four other excellent reasons to get that damage fixed.

Damage Straining Other Parts

Sometimes, damage can appear to be simply cosmetic. But in reality, bent and damaged parts of your vehicle’s framing can strain and damage other parts of the car. For example, a bent fender isn’t typically the end of your vehicle’s operational life. But if it’s bent badly enough, it can place strain on the wheel, tire, and even parts under the car’s hood. This can lead to future damage to your vehicle or, at the very least, a shortened lifespan for these other parts.
Determining whether that damage is cosmetic or not takes a highly trained eye and a skilled technician. So, don’t try to diagnose the problem yourself. Let a pro handle it.

Can’t Pass State Inspection

Every state has requirements for vehicle safety. Any car that drives on public roads must meet these safety requirements, or it won’t pass inspection and won’t be allowed to drive on state roads. Common types of exterior damage that can cause your vehicle to fail an inspection are headlights, taillights, signals not working, or side-view mirrors being damaged or missing. If your car’s exterior damage includes damage to necessary safety features, get them fixed right away. Not only do they make your car safer to drive, but those repairs will also ensure you pass your next inspection—and avoid a fix-it ticket in the meantime.

Extra Insurance Costs

If you filed an insurance claim for the damage your car sustained, but then you choose not to fix the damage, it could cost you if you have another accident in the future. When you file an insurance claim with pre-existing damage on your car, the insurance can deduct that existing damage from any future settlement you might receive. If you get money from an insurance claim, you should use that money to repair the car. Not doing so can even be considered insurance fraud, so it’s not worth that risk.
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Improve Resale Value

Finally, repairing any damage to your car will instantly improve its resale value. Depending on the damage, the cost for the repairs may even be less than the depreciation that damage causes, so you’ll make money by repairing the car before you sell it. Plus, selling a car with recent repairs is a lot easier than selling one with visible damage.
If your vehicle has damage that needs to be repaired, call or stop by Bemer Motor Cars. We’re one of the top auto body shops in Houston, and we welcome walk-ins!