Best Way to Keep Your Land Rover Going Strong

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When you purchase a Land Rover, you’re investing in more than just your average vehicle. Land Rovers are luxury vehicles designed to make any trip an exceptional experience. Whether you use your Land Rover for daily commutes or off-road adventures, you want to ensure that it’s always at its best. What’s the best way to keep it going strong? Get regular maintenance from auto body shops in Houston! Here’s how regular checkups can keep your Land Rover at peak performance.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are one of the most fundamental parts of vehicle maintenance, and they’re essential to your Land Rover’s health. But what exactly do oil changes do for your car? There are four primary ways that this type of maintenance improves vehicle performance:

  • It helps you get better gas mileage
  • It keeps the engine running smoothly
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Provides proper lubrication for all engine parts

All of these factors contribute to a better-performing vehicle overall, whether you’re driving on the road or off it.

Shocks and Struts

If you did purchase a Land Rover for its off-roading capabilities, you must maintain the vehicle parts that make those adventures possible—primarily, the shocks and the struts. These parts help to absorb the impact of those bumpy rides you take after leaving paved roads, not only making the ride smoother for you but minimizing the jostling of more delicate vehicle parts. Ensuring your shocks and struts are in great shape with regular maintenance improves your Land Rover’s off-road performance.
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Tire Rotation, Balance, and Alignment

This is another vehicle maintenance service that is incredibly common for vehicles of all types. Why? Simply put, your tires are what connect your car to the road. If they’re unevenly worn or improperly aligned, your vehicle won’t handle properly and won’t be able to get proper traction, whether you’re on the freeway or out rock crawling. Properly balancing and aligning your tires is essential for any driving type but is even more critical for abnormal road conditions.
If you want your Land Rover to handle correctly and get optimal traction on your trip—especially if that trip is on anything but clear roads—then you need to rotate, balance, and align your tires at regular intervals. This will help your Land Rover to climb that uneven terrain and handle slippery roads when you need it to. And, of course, make sure to replace your tires any time the treads begin to wear down.
A Land Rover is a finely tuned piece of machinery that requires proper care from a technician you can trust. Here at Bemer Motor Cars, our expert mechanics are specially trained to work on luxury vehicles, including Land Rovers like yours. We can perform all types of regular maintenance and Land Rover collision repair in Houston if your car should ever be damaged in an accident. Give us a call to schedule your maintenance or repairs today!