How to Choose the Right BMW Repair Shop

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A BMW is more than a car. It’s a delicate piece of machinery with intricate parts and high-tech components requiring careful handling during maintenance and repairs. If your BMW has been damaged and needs repairs, it’s essential that you find a shop specializing in BMW collision repair in Houston so that you can feel confident in their ability to repair your car. Here are six things you should look for when choosing a body shop for this job.

Specialized Technician

You should look for a shop that has a BMW master technician on staff to service your vehicle. This isn’t just something anyone can claim to be. They must have five years of training exclusively working on BMWs. If you are having trouble finding a BMW master technician, you can instead look for a repair shop with dealership-level experience. This requires a high level of care and exceptional quality of work.

The Right Tools

BMWs use very specialized computers to diagnose any issues within the vehicle. While most other cars use standard OBD2 systems, you want a mechanic who is more familiar with your BMW, its internal workings, and how to correctly diagnose any issues with your vehicle. Make sure any shop you choose doesn’t rely on a simple OBD2 check and that they have all the right tools for repairs on your luxury vehicle.

Professional Affiliations

Anyone can say that they’re a good mechanic or that they know how to handle BMW repairs. But you shouldn’t just take them at their word. Look for a shop that professional affiliations, such as from ASE or ASA. These organizations have high standards, and not just any technician can receive certifications from them. If they have these badges of honor in their shop, you know that they’re reliable and do great work on every vehicle they handle.

Customer Reviews

It’s always important to consider customer reviews when deciding who you’ll do business with. To find a BMW service technician, you should specifically be looking for people who brought BMWs to that shop. Skim the reviews for any mention of the type of car that they took in for repairs. If you can find great reviews from BMW owners, you can feel more confident choosing to work with that business.
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Your Gut Instinct

You should trust your gut when choosing a shop for your BMW. When you call or visit the shop, take stock of how you’re treated, how confident you feel in their expertise, and whether or not you think this is someone you can trust. If anything feels off to you, look somewhere else.
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