5 Collision Repair Myths

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The majority of car owners will probably have to deal with collision repairs at some point during their lives. But despite how common collision damage is, many rumors and myths persist on the topic—and some of those myths can be costly for you. This article will debunk five common myths about Land Rover collision repair in Houston. Read on to learn the truth behind the myths and potentially spare yourself from costly mistakes.

Myth #1: You Have to Use the Shop Your Insurance Chooses

When you file a claim with your auto insurance after your accident, they’ll typically recommend an auto body shop at which you can get your repairs done; or, sometimes, they’ll provide a list of a few of their preferred mechanics. Many people are under the impression that they must go to one of these recommended shops to have their repairs covered by insurance. Perhaps this belief is a holdover from medical insurance, where you may be limited to in-network providers, but such a thing does not exist for auto insurance.

The final choice of where to get repairs done is entirely yours. Your car accident repair rights entitle you to choose any repair shop you prefer, regardless of which shops your insurance provider recommends. They can provide suggestions, but that’s all they are—suggestions.

Myth #2: The Dealership Will Provide Better Repairs

Auto body shops can repair your vehicle just as well as the dealer, often in less time and for less money. Just as you don’t have to go to a shop your insurance company recommends, you don’t have to go to your dealer for repairs either. Suppose you have a foreign-made car or a luxury vehicle like a Land Rover. In that case, it’s a good idea to see a mechanic who specializes in repairing that make of vehicle, but there are many certified mechanics for these types of cars that don’t work at a dealership.

Myth #3: Collision Repairs Are Always Covered by Insurance

It’s the “always” that’s a myth here. Just how much your insurance will cover the repairs depends entirely on your insurance policy. The collision coverage portion of your policy will outline your coverage for collision repairs, but you can always ask your insurance company if you’re unsure what’s covered.

Myth #4: You Must Get 3 Estimates before Insurance Covers Repairs

Technically, it’s always a good idea to get multiple estimates to ensure that you’re getting the best price on your repairs without compromising the quality of work. However, you’re not required to shop around at all to have your insurance coverage kick in. While your insurer would probably prefer that you shop around for the best price, the idea that they won’t cover your repairs if you don’t shop around is a pure myth.

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Myth #5: Your Insurer Won’t Pay More than Their Own Estimate

After choosing a shop, the insurer will usually perform their estimate for the repairs, but that estimate doesn’t represent the maximum they will pay. If the shop’s estimate is higher than their own, your insurer might try to negotiate the cost. But ultimately, the insurance company is required to pay according to your policy, regardless of their estimates.

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