Common Signs of Suspension Problems

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Your vehicle’s suspension is responsible for absorbing any roughness or impacts on the road and providing you with a smooth, comfortable ride. But if your car’s suspension is damaged or starts acting up, you could have some serious repair costs on your hands. How do you know if something’s gone awry with your suspension? Here are some of the most common signs of suspension trouble, so you know when to take your BMW to a body shop in Houston.

Rougher Ride

As we already mentioned, your car’s suspension is what gives you a smooth ride. So, if your ride seems to have gotten quite a bit bumpier, and you’re feeling every little bump in the road, the suspension isn’t doing its job. Something’s up, and you should get it addressed sooner rather than later.

Tires Wearing Unevenly

There can be a couple of reasons that your tires would wear unevenly, but your suspension is certainly one of them. If you notice uneven wear on your tire treads, you should bring it into one of our professionals to determine the exact cause. We can discuss the repair options with you if it’s your suspension. Or, if it’s as simple as realigning your tires, we can do that as well.

Lurching Forwards and Backwards

If you hit the brakes hard and come to a sudden stop, it’s normal to feel your car lurch a little bit. But if your vehicle is slipping dramatically forward during a stop or backward when you accelerate, there’s a suspension problem.

Hydraulic Fluid Leaks

Many different kinds of fluids can leak from your vehicle, and it can be challenging to identify which type you’re seeing on your driveway. Hydraulic fluid is typically a thin liquid that’s red or brown. You’ll most likely see this type of leak near the car’s front. If you suspect you have a fluid leak, bring it in to have your lines tested so we can pinpoint and repair the leak for you.

Keep in mind that many different fluid leaks can be hazardous! It’s best not to ignore these and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Poor Handling

Your suspension also helps to provide you with the smooth handling of your vehicle. If your car isn’t handling like it used to, and you’re noticing poor responsiveness on sharp turns, it could be a suspension issue. It’s vital that your car responds quickly to your commands and handles properly to keep you safe on the roads.

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Diagnosing a Suspension Problem

Your suspension and your wheels are part of the same system, providing you with a smooth ride and reliable handling. Because of how closely connected they are, issues with your suspension and your wheel alignment can both have very similar symptoms. All of the signs we’ve mentioned above can be a symptom of suspension problems, but they can also have other causes. The only way to know for sure if your car has suspension troubles is to bring it in for BMW repair in Houston. Call or stop by Bemer Motor Cars today, and our certified BMW technicians can diagnose your problem and get it repaired quickly.