How to Identify Hidden Auto Body Damage

Audi Mechanic Houston TX

When you’re in a minor collision, you might look over your vehicle and think, “I can live with those dents and scratches. I’m not going to take my car in.” But even fender benders can often cause hidden auto body damage that isn’t immediately apparent but can impact your car’s performance and decrease its lifespan. How do you know if you’ve sustained any hidden damage? Here are a few tips to help you identify it on your car so you know if you need Audi service in Houston.

Bumper Was Damaged

The bumper is one of the most commonly damaged areas in a collision—for obvious reasons. If your bumper sustained some damage in a recent accident, the damage could appear to be minimal, with only a few dings and scrapes as evidence of your collision.

But beneath that bar is a reinforcement bar, which helps the bumper absorb the accident’s impact. Sometimes, even when the exterior damage to the bumper is minimal, the reinforcement bar beneath it could be severely damaged. If the reinforcement bar is not repaired, it won’t properly absorb the impact from any future accidents, making it more likely that you’ll be injured.

Your Car Is Drifting or Not Handling Well

Proper alignment of your wheels prevents many issues with your vehicle’s wheels, handling, and suspension. It’s natural for wheels to need realignment now and then, but if you’ve had a recent collision, you should have the alignment checked out. It’s common for wheels to be bumped out of alignment by even very minor collisions. (In fact, it can occur from hitting a pothole too hard or “curb checking” on a turn.)

While misaligned wheels may not be considered “damage” in and of themselves, the problems they cause down the road can lead to costly repairs—more particularly uneven wear and tear on your tires that leads to more frequent replacements.

Trunk Won’t Close Properly

If someone collides with the back of your car, it can knock your trunk out of alignment, which can cause it not to close correctly, pop open while driving, or leak in wet weather. This type of damage commonly occurs in vehicles rear-ended. It is a persistent and irritating issue, but it’s one you might not notice right off the bat unless you bring it in to have it inspected.

You’ve Developed a Fluid Leak

Even in a minor collision, fluid lines under your car may break or separate and lead to a fluid leak from the bottom of your vehicle. The fluid leak could impact the safety and reliability of your vehicle. If you notice any leaking fluids under your car shortly after a collision, you shouldn’t drive your vehicle. Instead, have your vehicle towed to an auto body shop to have it looked at and repaired.

If you’ve been in a recent collision, don’t just dismiss the visible damage and move on. Bring it into our Audi repair shop in Houston to have it inspected so we can fix any hidden damage before it becomes a safety issue—and we can fix that cosmetic damage as well, so your car looks like new again!