5 Fantastic Things About Owning a BMW

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Chances are, driving your very own BMW is a dream come true. That in and of itself makes owning a BMW a fantastic experience, but here are four extraordinary things about owning a BMW that you may not have thought of:


Ok, you’ve probably thought about this one, but honestly, luxury is one of the best things about a BMW. There’s a reason BMW is so well known for luxury; each vehicle is carefully crafted to be the ultimate in comfort, style, and sophistication. All the materials, including fine woods and super soft leathers, are exceptional. Everything you see, touch, and experience in a BMW have been made to meet the highest standards. Nothing beats the luxury of a BMW. Come into a BMW dealership in Houston to experience the difference for yourself.


BMW engineers are consistently at the forefront of the latest innovations in automobile safety. As a result, BMW always wins prestigious safety awards year after year. Airbags throughout the interior, active knee protection, enhanced braking, lane departure warnings, night vision capabilities, and run-flat tires are just a few of the many advanced safety features found on the most recently designed BMWs.

Service and Benefits

BMW takes care of owners with outstanding service and benefits. Their Ultimate Service program covers all maintenance and repairs for new and used cars for the first four years or 50,000 miles, even down to wipers and blades. BMW owners also have the opportunity to enroll in the Ultimate Benefits Program that offers exclusive members-only travel and lifestyle advantages such as access to special events, exclusive shopping deals, or luxury upgrades and amenities at hotels and resorts. Best of all, buyers of certified pre-owned BMWs get the benefit of a meticulous inspection and refurbishing as well as all the perks of BMW ownership.


Luxury cars aren’t often associated with value, but owners know that value is one of BMW’s best benefits. BMWs offer more features than almost any other vehicle on the road. Even base model BMWs come packed with an incredible number of standard features, more than many fully loaded models from other automakers, resulting in great value for your dollar. Also, BMWs are in high demand; you can count on being able to sell your BMW for a great price down the road.
BMW Safety Features

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