After an Accident: What to Check on Your BMW

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When you’re in a car accident that causes major, obvious damage to your car, you probably don’t waste time wondering whether or not you need to get it fixed. However, when the damage is more minor—a crumpled bumper and dented fender, perhaps—many people consider the issue to be cosmetic. However, those “cosmetic” problems can often be hiding other issues. Here are the areas of your car you should always have checked after an accident to see if you need auto body collision repair in Houston.


The frame of your car provides the entire vehicle with structure and support. If it’s even slightly bent or damaged, this can impact the overall safety and drivability of the car. You should have the frame checked over carefully for any signs of damage. And, if frame damage is found, you shouldn’t ignore it; get it repaired right away.


Most people don’t really worry about how an accident can damage their battery. However, the impact of a collision can easily damage the battery’s inner cell, which affects the battery’s composure. If you don’t have it inspected, it could fail on you—and nobody likes to discover their car has a dead battery when they try to head to work in the morning. Make sure to have your battery inspected after an accident and replace it if necessary.

Fluid Lines

After an accident, keep an eye out for any signs of fluid leaks for several days. Cracks can sometimes develop in various fluid lines when you’re in a collision, and ignoring those leaks can damage your engine even more than the accident itself. Better yet, rather than waiting to notice fluid leaking onto your driveway, just bring it into the shop and let us inspect your fluid lines for you.

Check Engine Light

This isn’t just a rule for cars that have been in a recent accident: If your check engine light ever comes on, you should bring it into a shop with the right diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem. It’s important to note that BMWs often require different diagnostic tools than domestic-made vehicles, so ensure you’re heading to a shop that specializes in repairing BMWs. This way, you can feel confident that your vehicle is being diagnosed properly.
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Unusual Noises

If you should choose not to bring your car in after a fender-bender, it’s incredibly important that you keep an eye—or, more specifically, an ear—on your car for a week or two after the collision. If the jolt of your minor accident loosened or broke any parts that aren’t visible to you, the odds are that they will begin to make an unusual noise relatively quickly. So, drive with your radio off for a while, listen to your car, and if you hear anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to bring your car in for inspection and repairs.
If you’ve been in an accident, whether it’s serious or minor, bring your car into Bemer Motor Cars today. The experts at our BMW body shop in Houston can inspect, repair, and return your car to you quickly, so you can get back on the road sooner.