Common Auto Body Repairs in the Winter

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Auto body repairs are necessary year-round, no matter the season. However, there are certain types of auto body repair that become much more common when the weather gets cold, and roads get icy. While winters here in Houston aren’t usually too harsh, we do still experience weather that’s cold enough to ice over roads. These frigid, slippery conditions can contribute to a number of issues that require you to bring your Audi to a body shop in Houston. Keep reading to learn what those common auto body repairs are.

Rust Removal

Rusting on your vehicle isn’t usually something you have to worry about. It’s more likely to plague older cars or vehicles that are located close to the ocean. Here in Houston, however, rust can sometimes occur in the winter, largely because of those icy roads we mentioned earlier. When the temperature drops low enough that ice is a threat, city organizations will often spread salt on the road to try to prevent it from forming.

Road salt (as well as the moisture on the road) can cause rust to develop much more quickly on your car than normal. Washing your car more frequently in the winter can help to reduce the chances of this occurring. However, if you do notice rust forming anywhere on your vehicle, you should bring it in for repairs right away. Rust will always get worse over time, and it can cause significant damage to your car’s body if not treated quickly.


Oftentimes, repainting a car goes hand in hand with the rust removal described above. However, even if you don’t have to deal with rust, winter can still take a toll on your car’s paint job. That road salt can dull the sheen on your paint. And if we’re unlucky enough to get snow again this year, the snow that accumulates on your car holds dirt and debris that can scratch the paint as it melts and slides off.

If you notice your car’s shine is a little lackluster as winter draws to a close, and no amount of waxing seems to restore that sheen, you might just need to have it repainted to get it back to pristine condition.

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Collision Repair

Of course, when road conditions become more treacherous, there is always a higher risk of being in a car accident. Again, icy roads are the primary culprits here. Because Texas drivers are inexperienced at driving on slick roads, they often don’t know the signs of hidden ice patches. Even if we don’t get snow, black ice can still be present, especially in the chilly early-morning hours. If you (or a vehicle near you) hits a slick patch of road, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up in a collision.

No matter the season though, Bemer Motor Cars is prepared to help you with all of your auto body repair needs. We are one of the top body shops in Houston, TX, and specialize in the care of luxury and foreign vehicles. So, if your car has any kind of body damage, bring it in to us. We’ll get it repaired quickly, so you can get back on the road with your car looking just like new again.