BMW Preventative Maintenance Tips for Road Trips

Man Performing a Tire Rotation

Owning a BMW can provide a true luxury experience, as the performance and comfort are second to none among high-end European luxury cars. The open road only brings out the best in your BMW, which is why road trips are a perfect way to put your car through its paces and enjoy everything your vehicle has to offer. To get the most out of your BMW and ensure it’s ready to perform despite the rigors of the road, it’s a good idea to take your cherished car to a provider of BMW auto repair in Houston, TX, so that maintenance can be performed before you set out.
Your service provider can handle a range of preventive maintenance tasks that will allow you to enjoy the full scope of your BMW during your trip while also ensuring no damage is done while you’re motoring around the countryside. Keep reading below to learn a few preventive maintenance tasks that your technician will use to prepare your BMW for your next road trip.

Tire Rotation

While not exclusive to BMWs only, tire rotation is a key maintenance task that can help ensure proper performance as well as extend the service life of your tires. Your tires are the point of contact with the roadway for your BMW, and therefore, they enable the performance that separates your BMW from other less nimble, less powerful vehicles. When you set out on a road trip, you’ll be putting a lot of miles on those tires, so it’s important to have them rotated to prevent uneven wear. It’ll also give your tech a chance to inspect the tires for defects before you leave civilization for the open road.

Lubrication and Fluid Checks

Fluids power your car. Most of the major systems that propel your BMW forward into the great wide open require lubrication to prevent wear and overheating. Before you set out on a road trip, it’s a good idea to have your oil changed and all the critical fluids topped off. That could include transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. If any of these fluids are significantly depleted, your technician will probably follow up with an inspection of the associated system to ensure there are no leaks that could cause you to lose additional fluid on the road.

Brake Inspection

Your brakes represent a critical safety feature on your car. After all, without them, you can’t stop. The function of your brakes is even more critical on the open road because of the increased speeds and potentially erratic behavior of your fellow drivers. Therefore, for the sake of safety, it’s good to have your brakes inspected by a trained professional before leaving on a road trip. The pads, rotors, and calipers should be checked for defects, and the brake system should be checked for the proper fluid levels.
Air-Conditioning Inspection at BMW Dealership in Houston, TX

Air-Conditioning Inspection

One of the things that separates a BMW from other automobiles is its unrivaled comfort. However, no vehicle is comfortable when its air-conditioning is nonfunctional; a metal car with no AC can quickly become an oven in the summer heat. Therefore, be sure to have your BMW technician check the critical components in your air-conditioning system because the open road is the last place you want to experience an AC issue that could leave you hot and irritable.
If you’re planning a road trip in your beloved BMW, be sure to visit the service shop at Bemer Motor Cars, your local BMW dealership in Houston, TX, for preventive maintenance before leaving town. By doing so, you’ll minimize your risk of experiencing a breakdown that will ruin your trip.

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