Buying a Used Car: Then vs Now

Pre-owned BMW Luxury Car Dealership in Houston, TX

Cars have changed drastically over the years. From their styles to the technology and safety features inside of them, today’s cars are incredibly different from those our grandparents and even our parents drove in their younger days. But it’s not just the cars themselves that have changed—the way we buy cars has changed too, especially when it comes to pre-owned luxury car dealers. Keep reading to learn how working with pre-owned luxury car dealerships in Houston, TX, has changed over the years.

Finding a Car Dealer

The first step in buying a used car is always to find a car dealer. If you don’t know where the pre-owned luxury car dealerships are located in your area, you’ll have to track one down. Not too long ago, car shoppers had to do this by pulling out the phone book and turning to the section for used car dealers. Then, you’d have to write down any that interested you, along with their contact information.
Now, you probably either jump on your computer or simply pull out your smartphone and search for pre-owned luxury car dealerships in your area. You’ll immediately get a list of all dealerships, their contact information, links to their websites, and even a map showing you which dealerships are closest to you.

Exploring Your Options

When shopping for used cars, it’s important that you get a sense of what options each dealer has available to you. Obviously, if you’re shopping specifically for luxury vehicles, you’ll want to ensure that you’re looking at dealers who specialize in these models. But how do you know if they have the Jaguar or BMW you’re most interested in?
In your parents’ or grandparents’ day, you’d have 2 options: You could either give each dealership a call to ask about what models they currently have on their lot, or you’d have to drive out there in person to walk around and see their inventory. And remember, this was all just to learn what options were available to you—you haven’t even gotten to shopping yet!
Nowadays, narrowing down your choices is much easier. Most used car dealerships list their inventory right on their website. With a few clicks, you can see pictures of the makes and models that they currently have in stock, allowing you to eliminate certain dealerships in minutes without the hassle of making phone calls or driving to pre-owned luxury car dealerships that don’t even have what you’re looking for.

Choosing a Make and Model

Before the internet, knowing which make and model of vehicle you wanted could actually be quite difficult. Most people simply stuck to what they knew, and would buy the same make that their parents always had, or even just the newest version of the same model of car. If they wanted to branch out, they had to spend a lot of time testing out every make and model of car, reading print-outs of the vehicles specs, and talking to people who drove those cars.
Now, all that information is readily available on the internet. You can quickly find which models have the safety features, upgrades, and power you’re looking for in a car so that you can narrow down your search in just a few minutes. With just a couple test drives, you can find a make and model that you’ve never driven before, but that’s absolutely perfect for you.
If you’re in the market for a new car, Bemer Motor Cars can help. We’re a highly trusted pre-owned car dealer in Houston, TX, and we’ll work to put you in a car you love that’s both luxurious and affordable. Check out our online inventory, or stop by for a test drive today!

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