Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Luxury Vehicle

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Luxury vehicles are built for a higher level of performance than your everyday, mass-market cars. But their modern equipment and fine-tuning also means that they require a higher level of care and maintenance to stay at peak performance. If you have a luxury car, be sure to follow these maintenance tips and only take it to auto body shops in Houston that are certified to repair luxury vehicles like yours.

Listen to Your Car

You may not think that this is a part of vehicle maintenance, but in reality, turning off the radio and listening to the sounds your car makes is one of the best ways to get in tune with your vehicle. When you become familiar with the way your car sounds and handles, you’re more likely to notice when something changes.

It’s also a good idea to occasionally roll down your windows and listen for sounds that might be dampened by your cabin’s soundproofing. You should be listening for squealing or growling noises in your engine, strange sounds when your car shifts gears, or rattling anywhere in the car’s frame. All of these little noises can indicate your car needs repairs.

Care for Your Tires

Your tires connect your car to the road and have a huge impact on how your car handles. They also can take a great deal of wear and tear from uneven roads and adverse weather conditions. Give your tires a little extra TLC by checking them regularly for proper inflation, getting tire rotations on a regular schedule, and replacing them when the treads wear down. Doing so will ensure a smoother ride, help keep you safe while driving, and even provide better gas mileage.

Replace the Oil

Your car’s engine contains many delicate, intricate parts that keep it running. But in order for those parts to turn at the speeds they need to, you need to provide proper lubrication—and that’s where your car’s oil comes in. Old oil becomes thicker and has a reduced ability to lubricate your engine. This causes higher friction levels, which can lead to overheating and damage to parts. Make sure you’re getting your oil changed as frequently as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Mind Your Battery

Batteries are durable and generally reliable pieces of technology, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them completely. You should check your battery’s contact points from time to time to make sure there are no signs of corrosion buildup. You should also have the battery checked to ensure it’s charging properly; if it’s not, this could indicate a problem with the electrical system.

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Get Expert Service

Finally, make sure that your luxury vehicle is only being serviced and repaired by a mechanic that’s been authorized to work on luxury vehicles like yours. Luxury cars require specialized knowledge and often need special diagnostic tools, hard-to-find parts, and different equipment than standard cars. Whether it’s regular maintenance or collision repair in Houston, TX, only take your luxury car to a mechanic specializing in luxury vehicles, like the ones found here at Bemer Motor Cars.