Houston Luxury Car Detailing Detail Service In Houston TX

Luxury Car Detailing
Have all the road trips in your vehicle finally taken a toll on its interior? Does your car need Houston luxury car detailing? It doesn’t take long for a vehicle to start to look dingy and dirty, even if you are constantly cleaning it. At Bemer Motor Cars, we offer a Houston car detail service that is guaranteed to have your vehicle looking brand new again.

Luxury Car Detailing in Houston TX

Auto detailing goes beyond a typical car wash to make a vehicle look immaculately clean, inside and out. Our car detail service in Houston TX is recommended for your luxury car to help keep it looking as good as the day it came off the showroom floor. Below are services available in our car detail service:

  • Exterior car wash service removes contaminants from the surface, clean the engine and will give it a wax finish that will protect your pride and joy. We offer a traditional wax service or one that provides carnauba wax for a longer lasting effect.
  • The interior Houston luxury car detailing service includes shampooing the carpets, cleaning the leather and vinyl portions of the vehicle and applying highly effective fabric protection.
  • Our dash, door and console service will clean and condition all components on door panels, the dashboard and console areas.
  •  Leather conditioning package thoroughly conditions all leather, leaving a professional finish with no oily look.
  • Air-conditioner cleaning service

And much more!
You may need your headlight restored, getting rid of the film that builds up over time. We also provide a wheel polish that will stop you in your tracks. Get rid of the dirt, debris and brake dust. We know how important it is to you that your vehicle looks sparkling new and that is what we strive to give. Our prices are competitive, but our service is top of the line.

One-stop Facility

Whether your looking to replace tires, service/repair your vehicle, detail your vehicle or buy a vehicle, we can help you. At Bemer Motor Cars, the sales department, service department, body shop, parts department and detail department are located on five acres. For over 30 years, we have been serving customers in the Houston area.

Houston Luxury Car Detailing

It’s time for you to come out to Bemer Motor Cars at 9201 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77063. We are your Houston luxury car detailing Specialists. We look forward to meeting you.
Call us today at 713-266-2690!

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