How Do Potholes Affect Your Car?

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Potholes are a major nuisance, but they are also an unfortunately common sight on many roads. Almost every driver out there has had that teeth-jarring experience of striking a pothole that you didn’t notice or couldn’t avoid. It’s certainly uncomfortable for you, but in most cases, you’ll probably just grimace, say a few choice words, and continuing driving. But how are those potholes affecting your car? Keep reading to learn potential damage your vehicle could sustain from striking a pothole. And if you notice this damage on your vehicle, bring it in for Land Rover Houston service right away.

Tires and Wheels

The most obvious place for pothole-related damage is the tires and wheels on your car. Because these potholes often have rough, hard edges, slamming down into one can compress the tire. It can cause damage like sidewall bulges and tread separation. In some cases, you could even end up with a flat tire.

A pothole can also damage the wheel itself. As your car hits the pothole, it can force the wheels to move forcefully and abruptly in ways not intended to move. It can cause bends, cracks, and chips in the wheels, which lead to a rougher ride. It’s also worth noting that a rougher ride (or, in other words, more vibration as you drive) can cause additional damage and accelerated wear and tear on other parts of your car.


Your suspension’s job is to help absorb impacts from uneven roads—but not designed to take the effect of something like a large pothole. The sudden, jarring nature of hitting a problem can damage shocks, break ball joints and force your wheels out of alignment. If you strike a pothole, pay extra attention to how your car drives afterward. Look for pulling in one direction and unusual sounds or vibrations. These can indicate misalignment or other suspension damage. Take care of these issues quickly to prevent uneven wearing on your tires and other potential issues.

Exhaust System

Your car’s exhaust system is located on the undercarriage of your vehicle. It puts it in a prime location to be damaged by a large pothole. If the pothole is big enough that your car “bottoms out” or scrapes against the road, you could damage some of the exhaust pipes. While a few scratches won’t impact the system’s functionality, more serious damage can lead to increased pollution (likely causing you to fail your next inspection) and loss of power in your car.

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Body and Frame

If your car rides a little lower to the ground, there’s a chance that a pothole can damage your car’s body. Again, the car would have to bottom out over the pothole for this to happen, but it is a distinct possibility for smaller cars going over larger potholes. Your bumper or siding can scrape against the ground, causing unsightly body damage.

Of course, cars of any type and size can get damaged by large potholes—including vehicles designed for off-roading! If your Land Rover hit a pothole, bring it to the best Land Rover mechanic in Houston. Call or stop by Bemer Motor Cars today.