Common Types of Auto Body Damage and How to Repair Them

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Whether you buy a new car or a used car, you want to keep it in excellent condition for as long as possible. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always cooperate with those plans. Body damage is bound to happen, and it can detract from your car’s overall appearance. Luckily, most body damage can be repaired so that your car looks like new again. Keep reading to learn the most common types of body damage cars experience and how we can fix it with BMW repair in Houston.

Body Dents

Dents can come from several sources: hailstones, a stray baseball, a rock thrown up by the car in front of you, another car’s door in the parking lot, and so on. And because they come from so many potential sources, dents can also vary widely in size, severity, and location. To fix a dent, we’ll first have to assess those three factors to determine the best way to repair it.
For dents where the paint is still intact, we can do paintless dent repairs. It allows us to pop out the dent without having to repaint anything. If the paint has been damaged by whatever caused the dent, we can still remove the dent, then repaint or touch up any blemishes in the paint job.
In some cases, dents are so large that they compromise that section’s structural integrity. When this happens, we prefer to replace the entire panel for safety purposes.

Paint Scratches

Speaking of paint, scratches in that paint job are another common type of body damage. Errant shopping carts, children’s bike handles, and several other items can cause scratches in your car’s paint job. Again, the method for repairing these scratches depends on size and severity.
If the scratch is relatively small, only damaging the surface itself, we can often buff out the scratch or touch it up with an exact match to your paint color. More significant scratches, however, may need filler as well as paint to repair the scratch; otherwise, you’d still be able to see an indentation in the paint job, even with the color matching the body once again.
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Collision Damage

Of course, body damage isn’t always minor. Accidents happen, and when your car is involved in one, you’ll likely need a lot more than just touching up scratches and popping out dents. If the damage is not too severe, you can likely have the most impacted sections of your car (the bumper, specific panels, etc.) replaced, then have more minor repairs conducted wherever else they’re needed.
However, the car’s frame can be bent in serious accidents, which is a major repair. Previously, a bent frame means the car couldn’t be repaired; modern technology sometimes allows a structure to be straightened. It’s a good idea to discuss this possibility with your mechanic to determine its worth the cost. In many cases, the cost to repair a car frame might exceed the car’s value, and you’re better off replacing the vehicle.
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