Maintenance Tips for European Car Engines

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European cars are known for being finely-tuned, high-performance machines. Their engines provide exceptional power and a smooth ride, but that kind of performance requires careful maintenance. If you drive a European car, here are a few tips you should follow for Audi maintenance in Houston.

Stay Up on Oil Changes

Every car, regardless of where made, needs to have the oil changed regularly. However, many drivers often push their vehicles just slightly over the recommended mileage following an oil change. If you drive a European car, we strongly recommend scheduling your next oil change before you hit that mileage number and not after.
Degraded oil contaminated with dirt and debris can quickly gunk up that finely-tuned engine and will impact your vehicle’s overall performance. Check your oil levels regularly and stay up on filter changes as well. It will help ensure the engine’s power and fuel efficiency don’t decline, and you don’t suffer from any unnecessary damage to the parts due to a lack of proper lubrication.

Watch for Overheating

Engines heat up very quickly while you’re driving. Luckily, the engine has a built-in cooling system that pumps antifreeze through the engine to help dispel excess heat. It prevents the engine from overheating and being damaged. Again, any vehicle can suffer from overheating. However, European car engines often work harder to provide that incredible horsepower that car owners yearn for. Plus, it’s not uncommon for people to push a high-performance car like an Audi or a BMW and drive it a little harder just to see what it can do.
So, for starters, go easy on your car. Just because your Audi can go from 0 to 60 under 4 seconds doesn’t mean it should. Driving a little more gently will help prevent overheating. Additionally, keep an eye on your coolant levels and engine temperature. If you notice coolant levels dropping and engine temperature rising, get your engine looked at right away; you probably have a coolant leak.

Maintain the Transmission Pan Gasket

The pan gasket for your transmission system needs to be cleaned periodically and will eventually need replacement. Have a professional inspect the transmission pan gasket and clean it out regularly. If it’s still in good condition and shows no damage, you can continue to use it. If it’s cracked or worn out, you’ll need to replace it.
Failing to replace a damaged pan gasket can lead to transmission fluid leaks, leading to the car failing to shift correctly, and other mechanical severe issues.
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Clean the Transmission

On a related note, make sure you clean your transmission too. These can suffer from a buildup of dirt and grime, which can impact your car’s performance. Regularly cleaning your transmission keeps it operating efficiently, which means better performance from your car and a longer life for your transmission.
If you need Audi service in Houston or any European car, stop by Bemer Motor Cars. We’re experts in maintaining and repairing luxury European cars of all makes and models.