Reasons Your BMW Steering Wheel Is Vibrating

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BMWs are well-built luxury vehicles with top-of-the-line German engineering—but that doesn’t make them immune to common vehicle issues. One common problem that many BMW owners experience (but which can happen to any car) is steering wheel vibrations. What are the most likely causes of a vibrating steering wheel? Keep reading to find out, then bring your vehicle into our BMW body shop in Houston, TX, today to get the problem repaired quickly.

Unbalanced Tires

You must rotate and balance your tires regularly if you want them to handle well. For BMW owners, handling is everything, so this bit of vehicle maintenance is crucial. But if you happened to overlook your last schedule rotation and balance, or if you recently checked a curb pretty hard, your tires may be out of alignment. When this happens, you’ll most likely experience steering wheel vibrations when driving between 50 and 60 miles per hour, but it will smooth out when above or below this range.
If you notice vibrations in this narrow speed range, then your alignment is likely to blame. Bring your car in to have your tires rebalanced, and there’s a good chance your problem will be solved.

Warped Brakes

There are a few different causes of warping in your brakes. Driving through cold water with overheated brakes or over-torquing the lug nuts are two possibilities. Another common cause is a stuck caliper and excessive brake pad residue. With just a small amount of warping in your brakes, you can develop noticeable shaking in your steering wheel.
If your brakes are the issue, you’ll only notice the steering wheel vibrations when you’re braking. So, if those are the only times your steering wheel shakes, we can turn or replace the rotor and replace the caliper to solve this problem for you.

Worn Front Suspension

The suspension system in your BMW is very complex, allowing your car to give you such a smooth ride. But due to its complexity, numerous components can become worn out and contribute to a vibrating steering wheel. Two of the more common components contributing to the issue are ball joints and bushings, which can wear down or loosen over time.
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If the suspension is the cause of your vibrating steering wheel, you’ll probably notice some other symptoms of the problem, too: clunks and squeaks when you turn hit a bump, or brake. It is a potentially dangerous issue, as it can cause you to lose control of your car. If you notice these warning signs, in addition to a vibrating steering wheel, bring it in immediately to have your suspension system checked out.
While a vibrating steering wheel may seem like only a minor irritant when you’re driving your car, it’s a symptom of something else being wrong with your car. Additionally, those vibrations can damage other components in your vehicle. The bottom line is that you should bring it in for BMW service in Houston, TX, as soon as possible. Give us a call today, or simply bring your car in for a walk-in appointment.