Tips on Making Your Mercedes-Benz Last Over 100,000 Miles

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As a top-notch luxury car, a Mercedes-Benz is a big investment. But that big investment can be more than worth it, especially if that Mercedes continues running for you year after year, mile after mile. Of course, getting a car to run smoothly for that long takes some effort and a lot of care. If you want your Mercedes-Benz to last you for 100,000 miles—or more—keep reading to get a few maintenance tips from the best Mercedes-Benz repair shop in Houston.

Take Care When Choosing Your Car

First, let’s talk about selecting the right car for you and your lifestyle. If you want a vehicle that’s going to last you 100,000 miles, you must buy one you’re going to continue to love for years to come. It’s also vital that you research the reliability of the model you buy and get a detailed report about the car’s history if you’re buying used.
At Bemer Motor Cars, we sell high-quality, preowned luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz. Our vehicles are carefully inspected and meet rigorous reliability standards, so you’re more likely to find something that’s going to last when you shop with us.

Stick to the Maintenance Schedule

When you take care of things, they last longer—it’s a simple fact of life, and it applies to cars as much as anything else. If you want your Mercedes-Benz to run for 100,000 miles, you need to stick to the recommended maintenance schedule and continue sticking to it throughout the car’s last time. Don’t push out your oil changes to save a few bucks. Don’t ignore the need for tire rotations and realignments. We recommend that maintenance schedule for a reason: It’s the best schedule for optimizing your car’s performance and keeping it running for years to come.

Avoid Cheap, Incompatible Parts

Yes, we know that parts for foreign cars like the Mercedes can be expensive. But it would be best if you didn’t opt for cheaper, domestic-made parts when doing any repairs on your vehicle. Buying incompatible parts could lead to more damage down the road, which would end up costing you more money in the long run. It’s also more likely to wear your car down before its time, and you’ll be a lot less likely to reach that 100,000-mile mark.
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Use a Certified Mercedes Mechanic

Finally, don’t trust your car’s maintenance and repairs to just anyone. A Mercedes-Benz is a powerful machine, but it’s also finely tuned and surprisingly delicate. It needs to be maintained and repaired correctly for you to get the most use out of it over the years. At Bemer Motor Cars, we’re certified in Mercedes-Benz repair in Houston. That means we’ve received special training and tested on our ability to diagnose, repair, and maintain this specific make of vehicle. We know how to make a Mercedes last, and we’ll help keep your car in prime condition so that it lasts you for many years (and thousands of miles) to come.