How to Drive Green with Your BMW

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Cars aren’t great for the environment. Even electric cars—while significantly more friendly to Mother Earth—have byproducts that can damage the planet. But cars are a central part of modern life, and the idea of going without one is nearly impossible for most people to grasp. If you’re worried about the impact your car has on the environment, keep reading for a few tips on driving a little greener.

Stay Up on Maintenance

Routine maintenance isn’t just good for your car—it’s good for the environment too. Make sure that you’re taking your car into BMW repair shops in Houston, TX, as soon as any repairs or maintenance services are required. A well-maintained car produces fewer emissions, which contribute to the global greenhouse effect. Additionally, routine maintenance can improve fuel efficiency, and the less gas your car needs, the better it is for Mother Earth.

Properly Dispose of Byproducts

As already mentioned, even electric cars have certain byproducts that can pollute the environment. Car batteries, tires, motor oil, and other fluids used in your car’s engine can be extremely harmful when not disposed of properly. If you’re changing the fluids or oil in your car yourself, make sure that you’re disposing of those fluids properly. Failing to do so can contaminate soil and even seep into groundwater, potentially contaminating drinking sources and killing local wildlife. (If you take your car to an auto shop for this maintenance, you don’t have to worry about this yourself.)
You should also be aware that tires and car batteries can be recycled. If you’re disposing of these parts, take them somewhere that can properly recycle and reuse these materials.

Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

As mentioned, better fuel efficiency means fewer stops at the pump, and that’s better for your wallet and the environment. So, make efforts to improve your fuel efficiency when driving. For starters, see if there’s any way you can lighten the load in your car. Empty out your trunk of anything you don’t need to have with you at all times, as that extra weight can reduce your fuel efficiency.
Additionally, drive at the speed limit and avoid excessive braking. Repeated stop-and-go movements quickly burn your fuel.
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Use Commercial Car Washes

If you hate washing your car yourself, we’ve got good news: Going to commercial car washes is actually better for the environment! Washing your car in your driveway sends oils, gas, and residue into storm drains, which can wash into rivers and other local water sources. Additionally, you’ll probably end up using more water. Commercial car washes are required to drain water into sewers, where it’s treated before being dispersed into nearby waterways. Many will also recycle the water they use themselves, greatly reducing overall water usage.
The bottom line is that properly caring for your car and driving it a bit gentler can help to reduce your overall carbon footprint. So, make sure to stick to your maintenance schedule and bring your car in for collision repair in Houston, TX, as soon as you need it. It’s good for your car, good for your wallet, and good for the planet.