How Weather Elements Can Affect Your Vehicle’s Exterior

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Sun, Humidity, and Salt

If you live in a coastal area, you know that sun and humid, salty air go hand in hand. It is a triple whammy for the exterior of your car; vehicles that live near the ocean experience much higher rates of corrosion than their inland cousins. The reason? Here’s the connection between sunshine, salty air, and rust:

  • The hot sun causes the pores in the paint to expand, leading to greater moisture absorption.
  • The moist, coastal air contains a high concentration of salt.
  • Salt speeds up the chemical reaction between water and steel that causes rust.

Many of these same problems happen in cold winter months when roads are treated with brine to prevent ice. Salt, whether from the sea or the road’s surface, is terrible for your car.
What you can do:
Park your car out of direct sunlight and make good use of a car cover. Wash your vehicle frequently to remove the salt, making sure to hose off the undercarriage to remove the salt from there as well. Keep a good coat of wax on to protect the finish; wax protects against UV rays and prevents much of the salty air from penetrating through to the chassis. Inspect your car for dents, dings, and scratches and have them promptly repaired as these areas are exposed to a significant risk of corrosion. And finally, talk to your bmw body shop houston tx about an undercoating that will give your car an extra measure of protection.
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It’s not the wind per se that damages cars. It’s the dust and debris carried by the wind that causes problems. Dust and sand can scratch your car’s paint, damage the clear coat, and become embedded in places like the windshield or under the hood. In severe wind conditions, more oversized items like tree branches or even rogue shopping carts can blow into your car and leave behind dents and scratches.
What you can do:
When windy conditions arise, keep your luxury car parked indoors or covered. Wash your vehicle to remove dust and debris, never forgetting to hose off the undercarriage gently. And, when the weather event is done, inspect your car carefully and take it to the best body shop in Houston for repairs to prevent further damage.

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