Tips on Having Auto Body Work Done on your Luxury Car

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While you might not like to think about it, chances are your Land Rover will eventually need some bodywork. Yes, you keep it parked indoors, you wash and wax it regularly, and you generally take conscientious care of it, but the truth is that stuff happens. Maybe a branch falls on it from a tree or a rock kicks up from the road, or, heaven forbid, you’re in an accident. Whatever the cause, prompt attention from a Land Rover body shop in Houston, TX, is the answer to keeping the damage from getting worse and to getting your car looking like new again.

When the need arises, here are four tips for having auto body work done on your Land Rover:
Prevent, Prevent, Prevent
Okay, this tip isn’t strictly about auto bodywork, but it’s still essential. Nothing will protect you from everything that might happen, but the following will prevent much of the more predictable types of damage:

  • Add a clear coat to your finish
  • Have a clear car bra or mask installed on the front
  • Park in the shade and away from potential hazards
  • Limit driving in harsh weather conditions
  • Drive safely to avoid accidents
  • Wash and wax your car regularly to protect the finish
  • Have minor dents and dings promptly repaired to prevent further corrosion

Good habits will go a long way towards maintaining the original beauty and luster of your vehicle.
Choose the Right Shop
Your luxury car deserves luxury treatment, and you can’t get that kind of attention and quality from just any old shop. Don’t succumb to the temptation to save money by selecting a discount body shop; choose a certified Land Rover repair shop with the trained technicians and specialized equipment to get the job done right. Luxury car manufacturers train luxury car technicians; they have the skills and precision required to restore your car to its premium condition.
Prepare to Pay for Quality
Precision comes at a price. High-quality auto body work on luxury automobiles is not inexpensive, and it really shouldn’t be. Paying a premium for skilled technicians, specialized equipment, and OEM parts are worth every penny if it means maintaining your vehicle’s superior quality. That said, Bemer Motor Cars takes pride in providing exceptional services at a fair price. Shop and compare with other auto body shops in Houston; Bemer will meet or beat any estimates from any shop.
Expect Great Service
Great service goes well beyond excellent work. Luxury auto body shops take care of their customers in various ways, including same-day appointments, complimentary loaners, and pick up and drop off services.
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Trust Bemer Motor Cars

Good auto bodywork is invisible. At Bemer Motor Cars, we’re committed to getting your car looking as good as, if not better than, it did before it was damaged. Skilled auto bodywork helps preserve the value of your vehicle. Contact us today about our premium Land Rover auto body services.