Land Rover Facts: What You Need to Know

Land Rover Discovery Amazing Facts

Fun Facts

Before you visit a Land Rover dealership in Houston, TX, here are a few fun facts surrounding the brand. Whether they were taking inspiration from the military or trying to craft a vehicle worthy of the armed forces, the designers at Land Rover knew what they were doing. One of their vehicles has even appeared at the Louvre because of its notoriety. It’s no doubt why their brand has earned such an illustrious reputation worldwide.

Less Taxes

You probably don’t like paying taxes. The same goes for the individuals who helped make the Defender 110 a reality. Because the folks at Land Rover didn’t like paying taxes, they figured out that if the Defender could qualify as a bus, they wouldn’t have to pay so many taxes. So, when you visit a Houston, TX, Land Rover dealership, keep in mind that you’re supporting a brand that probably dislikes taxes as much as you do.

Jets and Rovers

Whether or not you’re in the market for a new jet, the Range Rover was designed by a man who previously developed a jet turbine engine. His name was Charles S. King. Having worked at Rolls Royce building these engines, Land Rover brought him under their wing, resulting in the creation of highly advanced vehicles. He helped make Land Rover what it is today. As such, any used Land Rover in Houston might owe an indirect thank you card to jet engines.

Of War and Brothers

Following World War II, two brothers teamed up to bring a new automobile into the world. Spencer and Maurice Wilks worked as a team to make this vehicle a reality, using a military vehicle, a 4×4 Willys Jeep, as their basis for the new car. If you’re about to visit the best Land Rover dealership in Houston, TX, you may soon find yourself feeling like you’re test driving a military vehicle in civilian territory.

Monster Trucks as Well

Besides having an ex-jet engine designer on board, the Land Rover company was also the creator of monster trucks. The whole event happened around three decades before monster trucks became incredibly popular. However, the first monster truck was made to do more than simply entertain. Rather, it was commissioned by the British Forestry Commission to help them traverse marshy areas without any trouble. The answer was a vehicle that had enhanced axles and huge tires.
Monster Trucks | U.S. Air Force

Great Military Vehicles

Land Rover did more than base their car designs on military vehicles. They also built their own military vehicle. Moreover, it was a vehicle that brought troops to and from the battlefield. The Land Rover 101 Forward Vehicle was ready to supply troops with backup artillery by towing howitzer cannons. This vehicle had enough strength to bring troops and weapons to the fight. Land Rover is a brand that knows how to develop vehicles with strength in mind.

Your Own History

To this day, Land Rover is still crafting original vehicles. Their brand might have its roots in the past, but the brand itself is far from being a mere name in the history books. Check out a Land Rover dealership in Houston, TX, for yourself and see what kind of history you can create with your Land Rover. You might even find a used Land Rover with some history behind it. Sometimes, the way history happens is by making it yourself. Contact Bemer Motor Cars if you’re interested in purchasing a Land Rover vehicle today!

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