Land Rover Repair Tips Throughout the Year

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Car repairs and maintenance are essential at any time of year, and you should never put off repairs for a later time of year. But there are also certain types of maintenance that tend to pop up during certain seasons. If you want to keep your car in tip-top shape, check out the following tips for Land Rover Houston service throughout the year.


Winter is a good time to pay extra attention to your tires. While snow is not a common sight here in Houston, icy roads do still occur (particularly in the early-morning hours). You should ensure that your tires have plenty of tread and the right amount of air pressure.
Additionally, because the chill doesn’t really begin to set in around here until winter, you probably won’t notice issues with your heater until the holiday season hits. If you notice your car is slow to heat up, have the heater looked at to help you stave off the chill throughout the rest of the winter.


While other parts of the country might think of yellow as a fall color, here in Texas, we know it’s really a spring color. Texans are all too familiar with the fine yellow dusting of pollen that can cover everything in the spring and wreak havoc on your allergies. As the weather warms up, be sure to get your car’s air filters checked, so they can help filter out that pollen and keep your car’s interior pollen-free.
This is also a good time to get your air conditioning checked. You don’t want to wait until your car interior is in the triple digits to find out there’s a problem with it.


Naturally, the Texas summers are going to put some strain on your air conditioner. Hopefully you got it checked and tuned up in the spring, as we mentioned above, but sometimes problems can still pop up. Sometimes, if you run the AC at full blast for an extended period (such as on a summer road trip), the evaporator can freeze up and your AC will stop blowing cold air. Resting your AC and blowing the fan for a while instead can help thaw out the evaporator so it blows cold again—until it ices up once more. If this is a persistent issue, take it to a shop.
Additionally, keep an eye on your tire pressure in the summer. The air inside of them can expand in the summer heat, increasing the pressure; if it gets too high, you’re at an increased risk of having a blowout. If the pressure in your tires is a little high, let a bit of air out before you hit the road.
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While the chill might not come until winter, it’s always better to be prepared; get your car’s heater checked in the fall to stay ahead of the game. Have those air filters checked again as well, since they can get clogged up with falling debris at this time of year.
While these tips may be seasonal, it’s important to never put off important repairs for a certain season. If you need Land Rover collision repair in Houston, bring your vehicle in to Bemer Motor Cars.