Memorial City Pre Owned Used Mercedes Benz For Sale In Memorial City TX

Pre Owned Used Mercedes Benz
Don’t look for a Memorial City pre-owned Mercedes Benz for sale in the classifieds. Buying from private sellers just comes with too much risk. Plus, these sellers may over-value their cars and not give you a fair price.

Our customers have quickly realized that Bemer Motor Cars is the perfect place to find low mileage Memorial City used Mercedes Benz for sale that are in terrific condition. Each car that goes on our lot to sell is subjected to a 150-point inspection. Some of the other things that set us apart from our competitors include:

  • Free lifetime oil changes
  • Free local roadside assistance / towing
  • Free loaner cars and on-site rentals cars
  • 20 percent or more savings compared to dealership service and repair costs
  • You $200 if you refer a friend who purchases a car
  • Mercedes Benz trained technicians and Mercedes Benz tools to diagnose / repair the Mercedes Benz’s
  • A complementary carwash on all repairs

When you search for a used Mercedes Benz for sale in Memorial City TX and then buy from us, you get a few things that make the process much better. These include:

  • Fair pricing. We’re transparent and honest, we answer your questions, and we give you a price that fits the car you want. We’ve been in business for over 30 years because we know how to treat our customers.
  • Financing Available – Whether you have good credit, weak credit or no credit, talk to us about what you’d like to drive away in. We have great financing options available!
  • Extended Warranty available. All our Mercedes Benz come with a six-year/6,000-mile labor warranty. An extended warranty up to 100,000 miles is available for additional peace of mind. This can really give you the confidence to buy like nothing else.

Don’t gamble when you’re after a used Mercedes Benz for sale in Memorial City TX. Don’t risk it with a car that might be good for the price. Come to us and make sure you know just what you’re paying for.

Memorial City Used Mercedes Benz For Sale: Making It Easy

We also work to make this whole process as easy for you as possible. We offer more than just a pre-owned Mercedes Benz for sale in Memorial City TX. We are a one-stop shop for oil changes, car repairs, collision repair, performance upgrades, tires, and everything else you’ll ever need. We offer towing and roadside assistance. You know we have your back from here on out.

Call Today

As you can see, we’re the first place you should call as you look for a Memorial City pre-owned Mercedes Benz for sale. Just use the number below to contact us today. Call us at 713-266-2690. Visit us at 9201 Richmond Ave, Houston TX 77063.

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