Parking Lot Dings to Major Damages: The Most Common Types of Auto Body Damage

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To modify a common saying, “Damage happens.” At one point or another, your shiny new car is going to get a ding, dent, scratch, or potentially much more serious body damage. What kind of damage is your car most likely to sustain? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you the most common types of auto body collision repair Houston drivers bring into our shop.

Dings and Dents

This kind of damage can come from a variety of sources—other cars’ doors in the parking lot, a stray ball from kids playing in the street, a post you didn’t see when you opened your door, and so on. Dents on your car’s paneling aren’t a major deal. They’re not going to impact the overall integrity of the frame or the general usability of your vehicle. However, it certainly can affect the overall appearance of your car, and in some cases, the paint around that ding can begin to crack and peel if left unrepaired.
If you want to maintain your car’s appearance, you should get dents and dings repaired quickly to avoid any issues with the paint job. Paintless dent repair is fast and affordable, so you can be on your way with your car looking like new on the same day.

Paint Scratches

Similar to dings and dents, paint scratches can happen for a lot of reasons, both accidental and malicious. Maybe your kid walked their bike a little too close to the car and scraped the side with their handlebars. Perhaps a runaway shopping car scratched your back fender. Or if you’re really unlucky, you might have just made the wrong person mad enough to scratch the paint on purpose.
Wherever your scratch comes from, it may seem like a purely superficial problem. But that paint job protects the metal beneath from rust and corrosion. Get it buffed out or repainted as soon as you can to continue protecting your vehicle.

Weather Damage

Damage from the elements can result in dents and dings like those described above—winter hailstorms, anyone?—or it could result in much more serious damage to your car. Large hailstones and seriously damage car paneling or even frames, and can break windshields. Serious windstorms can bring a tree branch or other type of debris crashing into your car.
We get a lot of weird weather here in Texas, so we see a lot of weather-damaged vehicles in our shop. If your car got caught out in a storm, get it fixed up quickly.
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Collision Damage

Of course, collision damage is always going to be a top source of auto body damage. Accidents happen, and whether you were at fault or not, this type of damage is the most important to have repaired.
Collision damage often impacts the frame of the car, which helps keep everything properly aligned and functioning correctly. If collision damage is left unrepaired, it can lead to even more problems with your car.
No matter what type of damage your car has, bring it to Bemer Motor Cars today. We’re one of the top auto body paint shops in Houston, and we accept walk-in appointments, so there’s no reason to wait!