Pros of Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle from a Certified Dealership

Certified Pre-Owned Cars
As far as used cars go, certified pre-owned vehicles are at the top of the class. These vehicles have been well taken care of throughout their lifetimes and required little work to achieve showroom conditions. Though some of the benefits of CPO vehicles may be obvious, they have so many more advantages than people realize. Keep reading to learn more about the pros of pre-owned vehicles and the reasons you should consider buying one from a certified dealer.

High-Quality Vehicles

Only the used vehicles in the best conditions are accepted to certified programs. These are newer model cars with low-mileage and clean vehicle history reports. Cars that do not meet these strict guidelines cannot be sold as CPO vehicles. These cars must also undergo a multi-point inspection and reconditioning process. The dealer will examine the car and repair it to meet the high standards set by the certified pre-owned program standards. Because of this rigorous testing and high standards, you can be sure that the certified pre-owned car you purchase will be one of this highest quality used cars you can find on the market.

Low-Interest Financing

Though certified vehicles are more expensive than similar models that don’t have certifications, CPO cars typically qualify for lower interest rates. In general, the rates are the same as those offered on new vehicles. Lower rates mean lower monthly payments, which effectively offsets the higher cost.
Certified Used Cars

Extended Warranty Protection

A lot of certified pre-owned programs add an extended warranty protection on the vehicle. Even companies that offer shorter-term mileage and time limits for their original warranties may extend a version of their programs to remain competitive. This means that no matter which CPO vehicle you choose, you can get a nice warranty on it. Be sure to discuss any warranty protections on the vehicle before signing any of the paperwork.

Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

Some certified pre-owned programs offer free maintenance within a specific period of time or within a certain mileage limit. This added benefit usually covers oil changes and tire rotations, as well as vehicle inspections by the dealership. Some CPO programs also provide 24-hour roadside assistance at no additional cost that lasts the length of the extended basic warranty coverage. This service is extremely helpful in the case of an emergency by providing services like additional gas, jump starts, and more.
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