The Benefits of Having an Adaptive Suspension in Your Car

Benefits of Having an Adaptive Suspension in Your Car

An adaptive suspension system lets drivers switch between a softer ride and a firmer ride quickly. This is just one of the many benefits of using this type of suspension in your car. Here are more ways adaptive suspension can improve your driving experience, plus a look at how this feature works.

How Adaptive Suspension Works

Adaptive suspension, also referred to as active suspension, has been around for a while now. The traditional process involved using oil-filled dampers in the chassis. The amount of oil in the dampers was controlled by valves. When there was less oil within the valves, the dampers compressed easier, making the suspension softer. If there was a larger amount of oil in the valves, the dampers were harder to compress, making the suspension feel firmer. BMW, one of the top innovators in the automotive industry, has created a more sophisticated version of adaptable suspension. The dampers are filled with what is referred to as “air springs“, which can be adjusted easily from the dashboard to be softer or firmer, depending on what you prefer. Find someone who specializes in BMW repair in Houston, TX, and has extensive knowledge on several models of BMW and the version of adaptable suspension they use.

Additional Control

The main benefit of an adaptive suspension is the additional control drivers receive. BMW’s new Adaptive M Suspension, for example, has 3 modes to choose from; comfort mode, sport mode, and sport mode plus. The comfort mode offers a more relaxing drive, with dampers that stay balanced on uneven roads, creating the smoothest driving experience possible. In sport and sport plus mode, the dampers are tightened to give you a more athletic ride. Find a local auto repair shop that has experienced technicians to help you find out which mode fits you best.

Better Adaptation

With an adaptive suspension, you can react quickly to changing road conditions. Traditional suspensions come with fixed dampers and set damping rates that don’t work on certain roads.  Adaptive suspensions offer much more variety, so you can drive on virtually any road in any condition. You can visit or call a BMW repair shop in Houston, TX to find out what kind of suspension your car has installed.

Benefits of Active Suspensions
Road winding through The Valley of Fire, Rainbow Vista, Nevada, USA

Drivetrain Modes

The adaptive suspension in some cars may be connected to drivetrain settings like comfort and sport. The comfort setting allows the dampers to be more flexible by making the engine and gearbox less responsive. The sport setting, on the other hand, makes dampers stiffer, maximizing the throttle sensitivity and causing the engine and gearbox to be less flexible. If you have any more questions about the benefits of adaptive suspensions, contact Bemer Motor Cars online today.

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