Used Jaguars: A Combination of Luxury and Affordability

Jaguar Hood Ornament

When buying a new car, staying in budget is important. You need something affordable, but you also want something that has a certain feeling of luxury to it when you slide into the driver’s seat. Is it possible to get that luxury ride you’re dreaming of while still finding an affordable car? The answer is yes—if you’re looking at a used Jaguar. Keep reading to learn why Jaguar dealerships are the best place to go when looking for an affordable luxury car, and how you can find quality used Jaguars for sale in Houston, TX.

Why a Jaguar?

Of all the vehicle models out there, you might be wondering why we’ve chosen the Jaguar as the perfect combination of luxury and affordability. While it’s true that Jaguars are considered a luxury vehicle, and their price point is out of range for many car buyers when shopping for new vehicles, they’re far more affordable than many other luxury models. As far as price point goes, the new entry-level Jaguar models like the XJ and XE are often on the lower end of luxury vehicle prices. However, they still offer the quality and high-end feel of more expensive luxury cars, all wrapped up in the British charm that only the Jaguar can offer.
Jaguars are also incredibly reliable vehicles, making them a smart choice when shopping for used luxury cars. Maintenance is also typically quite easy to come by. They’re a high-end vehicle, but not so exotic that you have to hunt all over the state for a Jaguar repair shop. You can usually find an expert in Jaguar repair somewhere in your city without too much trouble.

Which Models Are Best?

If you’re looking at used Jaguars for sale, you might be wondering which models you should be looking at. While we have mentioned the XJ and XE as good entry-level models, these are the newest models, so you likely won’t find many of these on a used car lot. However, the following older models are excellent options if you’re searching for an affordable luxury vehicle:

  1. XFR and XF Sports – When this model premiered in 2011, it sold for about $80,000. Now, however, you can find quality used cars of this model for only about $30,000. With a race-inspired design and a twin-turbo V6 engine, this little sedan is a racer at heart, making it a fun and exciting ride for anyone looking for a luxury car that packs a punch.
  2. F-Type – The Jaguar F-Type is this car brand’s only sports car at the moment. Though available as a coupe, it also comes as a convertible; so, if you’re looking for a luxury car that allows you to put the top down on sunny days, this is what you’re looking for. As an official sports car, you can expect the F-Type to hit 60 in only 3.5 seconds and execute hairpin turns and tight curves without a problem—all thanks to the 575 horsepower under the hood and the 8-speed automatic transmission.
  3. E-Pace – Prefer an SUV over a sedan or sports car? The Jaguar E-Pace is what you need. This car is considered a compact performance SUV, which means it’s a small crossover. However, it still offers luxurious style and incredible quality. Even brand new, this car is quite affordable compared to many other luxury cars, so a used one is frequently easy to fit into your budget, even with all the upgrades. It handles like a premium sports car, and the exterior is designed to mimic a coupe while the interior has a cockpit-inspired driver’s seat to make you feel totally in control.

If you’re looking for a Jaguar dealership or need Jaguar service in Houston, TX, contact Bemer Motor Cars today to ask about our wide selection of used Jaguars for sale.

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