List of the Top Three Steakhouses in Houston, TX!

A steak served with vegetables

What are the Best Steakhouses in the Houston, Texas Area?  

While you may have tasted a variety of food items and liked many of them, you must admit that nothing comes close to a juicy steak. In fact, we are pretty sure that you must be thinking about having a prime cut right now. If so, then check out this blog post, where we at Bemer Motor Cars in Houston, Texas, have this list of the best steakhouses in the area!  

Taste of Texas  

How does ‘Slow-roasted Prime Rib’ or ‘Cowboy Steak’ sound to you? Delicious! You will get to taste them and many other amazing food items in this steakhouse. Furthermore, the establishment accepts credit cards, so don’t worry if you go overboard with your orders.  

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Steak 48  

Next on the list is Steak 48. This enchanting little restaurant offers you delectable food items like ‘Chilean Sea Bas’, ‘Braised Pork Belly’, ‘Crispy Shrimp’, and much more. The steakhouse also has free Wi-Fi and television, so it is the perfect place to watch the Super Bowl with your friends and family!  

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Pappas Bros. Steakhouse  

When was the last time you had ‘Filet Mignon’? You must try it over here once. Not only does this steakhouse serve mouthwatering food, but the overall ambiance of this place is quite classy, which makes it a perfect venue for a first date! The steakhouse also has happy hour specials and accepts credit cards, so do not panic if you order multiple items off the menu.  

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There you have it! We hope that you enjoyed reading about these amazing steakhouses. Now all you need to do is gather your friends and family and visit these places as soon as possible!