Why Should You Consider Buying a Used Luxury Car?

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Luxury cars are always in demand. While new vehicles have a certain charm about them, you shouldn’t underestimate the advantages of a pre-owned luxury car. There are many great car dealerships in Houston, TX, so it shouldn’t take much luck or time to track down a quality luxury car that offers an excellent bargain and fantastic value. Although there are a few things worth considering before you invest in a used vehicle, it’s generally more than worth it. Keep reading to learn why.


Most used car lovers will tell you this is one of the major benefits of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Depreciation is always an issue. Even luxury cars tend to lose a third or more of their value within a few years. The first year or two alone will see a significant decrease in the resale value of any vehicle. Letting someone else deal with that headache and buying a used vehicle instead makes a lot of sense if you want to avoid taking a serious hit due to depreciation.

Maintenance and Repairs

This is one downside to buying a pre-owned car, but it might not be as serious an issue as you think. Older cars and higher mileage vehicles do tend to require more maintenance, care, and repairs. You shouldn’t be surprised by that, but the mileage and age definitely come into play. A used car with 30,000 miles is quite different compared to one with 130,000 miles. With an inspection or certification, you should be able to identify pre-owned vehicles that are in excellent condition and avoid buying a lemon. This is true for luxury cars just as with any other vehicle.


One perk of buying a brand-new vehicle is that it can come with all the latest gadgets. Technology tends to progress quickly, and even a car with a few years on it could lack a couple technological innovations that you really want. If you aren’t as demanding when it comes to technology, a slightly older vehicle should be more than adequate. Luxury cars are known for having the bells and whistles that other vehicles may lack, so you should still be quite happy with the accessories already available.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is always a consideration, especially if you know you’ll be putting a lot of miles on your car. As a rule, newer vehicles tend to get better gas mileage, but the difference is sometimes minimal. This is something you’ll have to examine on a case-by-case basis. Luckily, many luxury manufacturers take fuel economy and combined gas mileage quite seriously. If you’re careful with your purchase, you should be able to find a luxury car with a fuel economy that more than satisfies you.
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Financing for pre-owned vehicles can be a bit tricky. Some dealerships offer in-house financing, while others don’t. You may want to check with your bank before you hit the lot to see what options are offered. Some financial institutions limit their financing based on mileage, the age of the car, or both. This tends to vary, so be sure to confirm what you can and can’t access before you get your heart set on a particular used luxury vehicle.
Obviously, any luxury pre-owned dealership in Houston, TX, would be happy to have your business. While a used car does have a few drawbacks, the savings and value tend to deliver. Contact Bemer Motor Cars at (713) 266-2690 if you’d like to schedule a test-drive or if you have any questions about our certified pre-owned models.

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