Winter Safety Essentials for Your Land Rover

Mountains Road Covered with Snowfall
Winter might be the best time of the year for Land Rover owners. Design to handle tough winter conditions, you look forward to taking your Rover on a road trip to the mountains and anticipate how well it’ll perform when you have to drive in icy conditions. However, before you take your Land Rover out for a winter spin, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


As the weather starts to cool off, take your vehicle into your Land Rover repair shop in Houston. You’ll want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before winter hits. Also, freshen up on how to drive in winter weather. For instance, keep in mind that bridges and overpasses are more likely ice up than regular roads, so you’ll have to drive accordingly. Furthermore, spots that are shady either from trees or buildings can turn into surprising ice hazards. Look over any routes you plan on taking for vacations. Will you be driving through mountain roads? If you’re driving west, just because it’s a desert doesn’t mean it can’t snow. Make sure you know the weather conditions you’ll encounter along the way.


When confronted with either snowy or icy conditions, remember to keep your momentum going as you drive through it. If you can feel the wheels slipping, back off the accelerator but don’t let the wheels stop. All new Land Rovers have Traction Control that automatically diverts power to the wheels that are getting the best traction. Also, many models come with Terrain Response Technology, making it probably the safest SUV worldwide. When you’re in icy/snowy conditions select Grass/Gravel/Snow. This will ensure you have the best traction possible. All-Terrain Progress Control (available on some models) accounts for slippery surfaces, so you’re always making composed progress regardless of how treacherous the conditions may be. While you’ll never want to seek out hazardous driving conditions, it’s good to know that with a Land Rover you’re in the safest car on the road.
Snowfall Covered Tree's and Roads


Whatever you do, hard braking should always be avoided when driving on icy roads. Ideally, you should gently press on the brake, then gradually increase the pressure as necessary. As you approach corners, remember to brake in advance, then cruise through the turn at a safe speed, only accelerating as the road straightens out. Rest assured, should anything go wrong, Land Rover’s driver assist features—including ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution in some models—are among the finest in the industry. Just gently apply the brakes, and your Land Rover will do the rest.


If you’re in icy conditions over night, use a windscreen wiper or de-icer to get rid of ice that forms on your windshield, side windows, and mirrors. Be sure to check the brake lights and headlights as well, as visibility in winter conditions is of the utmost importance. Whatever you do, avoid applying warm water to melt any ice on your vehicle as the sudden change in temperature can crack glass.
Before you hit the road to brave tough winter conditions, remember to visit your experts in Land Rover repair in Houston, TX. Give Bemer Motor Cars a call today.

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