5 Signs Your Land Rover Needs Oil & Filter Change

Engine Oil Change Service in Houston, TX
Land Rovers are among the toughest cars on the market. Expertly engineered and outfitted with tremendous power, your Land Rover can go practically anywhere under any condition. However, no matter how durable and high-performance your Rover may be, it still needs to be maintained just like any other automobile. That means it must be serviced regularly, and you’ll need to consistently change your oil and filter every 6,000 miles or 6 months. Here are a few indications it might be time to visit your local provider of Land Rover service in Houston, TX.

1. Dirty Oil

Note: Some have dipstick, most don’t have dipstick but electronic oil level sensor
You may have noticed that oil as it pours out of the bottle is a clear, amber color. The longer it stays in the engine, the more particles it picks up. If it’s in there long enough, the particles change the oil’s appearance until it’s dark and dirty. The effect is gradual, so you may not notice it right away. Therefore, it’s recommended to check your Land Rover’s oil every month. The best way to do this is by simply removing the dipstick and wiping it clean. Replace and remove the dipstick again and look to see if the stick is visible through the oil as it drips off. If you can no longer see the dipstick, it’s time for an oil change.

2. Increased Engine Noise

Oil is intended to provide protection for moving engine parts to minimize friction. When the oil breaks down, the amount of metal on metal contact increases, causing the engine to sound louder than it does with fresh oil. Without the necessary lubrication to keep the engine operating efficiently and quietly, you may start to hear knocking and pinging sounds. Before too long, your engine could suffer serious damage, so you’d better get your oil changed as quickly as possible.

3. Check Engine or Oil Change Light

Your Land Rover should be aware that it requires an oil change before you are, particularly if you’re short on oil. If your dashboard light turns on, check your oil with the dipstick, if available, in fact, need an oil change. Running while short on oil is a serious problem, so you’ll need to drop your Land Rover at a Houston service station as soon as you can before your engine suffers any damage.
Black land Rover Car

4. Dirty Exhaust

A light, nearly invisible, vapor exiting your exhaust pipe is perfectly normal – especially when it’s colder. However, if you notice actual smoke, you should get your engine looked at since you may be suffering from an oil leak in your engine. It’s also possible your engine has faulty parts. If you check your oil and see you have plenty, then a leak isn’t the problem, and you should have your engine checked for damaged parts.

5. Interior Has an Oil Smell

If there’s an oil smell in your cabin, you’ll likely notice it since it’s a very strong smell. If this is the case, you probably have an oil leak. If the scent is mixed with gasoline or exhaust fumes, then oil is likely burning in the exhaust area.
Your Land Rover is a high-performance vehicle, but only as long as it’s maintained properly. The moment you detect any of these warning signs, visit your service station right away. Contact the team at Bemer Motor Cars today to schedule your next service!

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