Fall Maintenance Tips for Your BMW

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Fall is here and that means winter weather is just around the corner. It’s time to get your BMW ready for rain, sleet, salt, and freezing temperatures. Bemer Motor Cars, your number one destination for expert BMW auto repair in Houston, shares 5 fall maintenance tips for your BMW that will keep your car running its best in any weather.

Check the Battery

Cold winter temperatures are hard on car batteries. At freezing temps, batteries lose about 35% of their strength. At the same time, batteries need to work harder when it’s cold outside; engines filled with cold, thick motor oil require more power to start, heaters need battery power to run, and headlights work overtime on short, dark days. To avoid getting stranded in the cold with a car that won’t start, check your battery now. Bring your car into your BMW mechanic to test the battery and inspect connections for any damage or corrosion.

Check Your Tires

Safe driving on wet, slippery roads requires a solid set of tires. Check your tires carefully in the fall for signs of wear; if any wear bars are showing, replace the tires right away. Check your tire pressures as well. Cold temperatures decrease tire pressure, which, if left unchecked, can leave you in a dangerous situation. And give your spare tire a once over to make sure it’s ready if you need it.

Check Your Wipers

Almost nothing’s worse than driving on a rainy, wintery Houston day with windshield wipers that don’t work. Effective windshield wipers create a clean, streak-free windshield; anything short of that means your wipers need to be replaced. Install fresh wiper blades and replenish your windshield washer fluid. You might also consider using special winter washer fluid that resists freezing.
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Check the Heater and Defroster

Warm Houston springs and summers mean it’s likely that it’s been months since you used your car’s heater or windshield defrosters. Don’t wait for the first cold day to find out these features don’t work; fire them up today to ensure you can stay warm and see the road.

Check Your Survival Kit

Surviving car troubles on a wet, winter day requires thoughtful preparation. Run of the mill problems like running out of gas or getting a flat tire are much more difficult to handle in wet, cold weather. A carefully stocked winter car kit will help you stay warm and dry, whatever happens. Include personal items such as waterproof boots, gloves, a rain poncho, a blanket, and a warm hat to keep you warm as well as non-perishable snacks and bottled water to keep you fed and hydrated. But your preparation shouldn’t stop there; a good car kit will also include items such as the following:

  • Kitty litter, salt, or floor sweep absorbent
  • Small shovel
  • Flashlight
  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Flares
  • Cell phone charger
  • Tools
  • Jumper cables

If you get stranded in your car in wet, cold, winter weather, you’ll have what you need to stay safe and warm.

Enjoy the Ride

Owning and driving a performance BMW is a delight whatever the weather. To make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold and rain, bring your car to the BMW repair shop in Houston, TX, at Bemer Motor Cars. Our expert technicians will inspect your vehicle and make any necessary repairs so your car can function at its best.
Don’t let bad weather catch you by surprise. Be prepared by following these fall maintenance tips and trusting your BMW car care to Bemer Motor Cars. Call or come by today!

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