Tips for Choosing the Right BMW Repair Specialist

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BMWs have the reputation of being reliable, high-performance automobiles, as they are renowned for their quality, power, and style. However, like any make or model of car, there comes a time when repairs or preventive maintenance are necessary to keep your machine on the road where it belongs. If you’ve made the investment in one of the world’s finest cars, there’s good reason to be choosy when it comes to a repair specialist.
Because you won’t trust just anyone to maintain and service your BMW, you’ll need to find a qualified mechanic who lives up to the standard for BMW repair service. While there are shops that could provide you with service, not every BMW repair shop in Houston, TX, is worthy of your consideration. Keep reading to learn how you can make sure that you choose the right BMW repair shop to maintain and repair your prized luxury car.

Check for BMW Technician Training

While any mechanic may be able to service your BMW, it’s best to put your vehicle in the hands of a technician who knows your car thoroughly and has received training from the manufacturer to diagnose and repair your specific make and model. Becoming a BMW master technician requires 5 years of training, which represents a significant commitment to the craft of BMW repair. While you may not always need a master technician, it’s good to know that the mechanics at the BMW repair shop you choose are trained to know the ins and outs of your specific vehicle.

Check for the Right Tools

One of the things that separates the average repair shop from a BMW repair specialist is the equipment used to make repairs and perform service. The right tools can make a huge difference in the efficiency of an auto repair operation. Repairs may be possible without the proper tools for the job, but they’ll usually take longer, which means you’ll get charged more for labor. Also, when the proper tools aren’t used to repair a BMW, shortcuts may be taken that can impact the quality of the repair. Make sure that any BMW repair shop you’re considering is equipped with BMW-specific diagnostic equipment and tools. For example, while the industry standard for auto diagnostics may be the OBD2 system, BMW has its own proprietary system that can provide a far more accurate picture of potential issues and help find the exact resolution. Use repair shops that specialize in BMWs and have the correct tools to get expedited, thorough repairs.

Check Professional Affiliations

Professional organizations aren’t required for all repair shops, but they can provide an indicator of the shop’s commitment to quality repair work and a high level of customer service. Look for BMW repair shops that are affiliated with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or Automotive Service Association (ASA), as gaining those certifications requires shops and individual technicians to meet high standards and demonstrate professional ethics.
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Check for Repair Warranties

BMW owners expect the best when it comes to auto repair, and that usually includes a warranty on service performed on their automobiles. Therefore, you should look for repair shops that offer extended warranties on the repairs they provide. Some shops may even provide two years of additional coverage, which is a guarantee that work was done to exacting standards using the correct parts and equipment. If the shop you’re considering offers a warranty, there’s a good chance that they’ll provide you with the best available service.
If you own a BMW, make sure that you conduct your research to find the best repair shop to take care of your cherished chariot. If you’re looking for a repair shop in Houston, TX, contact Bemer Motor Cars at (713) 266-2690.

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