Luxury Car Winter Maintenance Essentials

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The best way to keep your motor vehicle running at peak condition year-round is regular maintenance. Changes in the seasons mean changing the oil regularly, replacing fluids as scheduled, and rotating the tires as needed. Performing these tasks will extend the operational life of your vehicle for many years. 
The winter months can be rough on any vehicle but especially tough if it is a luxury class car, truck, or sport utility vehicle. Cooler conditions can compromise your engine’s performance. Drastic drops in temperature for days in a row can render your battery useless at a time when you’d really need its starting power. 
The best approach when it comes to dealing with the winter elements is to be proactive. As the owner of a luxury vehicle such as a Jaguar, you’ll want to be familiar with basic winterizing tasks that can help you avoid expensive servicing later. Your technician specializing in Jaguar service in Houston, TX, can offer these winter maintenance essentials.

Change Oil and Fluids

Cool weather has a negative effect on your vehicle engine’s motor oil. The oil thickens and flows more slowly through the engine, putting more strain on the car battery and starter motor components. Many luxury vehicles require a different grade of oil during the winter months, so before it gets cooler, add the right oil to maximize your engine’s protection. Your technician specializing in Jaguar service in Houston, TX, can tell you.
The approach of cooler conditions is also an opportunity to check your fluids and top them off or replace them. The coolant, brake, power steering, and transmission fluids are essential to your vehicle’s operation, especially during the winter.

Check the Battery 

A weak or drained battery is one of the leading inconveniences you may encounter during the winter and one that can be easily prevented. Many auto supply retailers will test a vehicle’s battery and tell you if it needs replacing, and many of these stores offer the service for free as a courtesy. As the owner of a Jaguar, you’ll want it checked by better hands, and that means having its battery checked by a mechanic specializing in Jaguar auto repair in Houston. 

Attention to Detail

Dirt and debris can damage your luxury vehicle’s exterior over time and make a mess of the interior when tracked by your shoes. It’s one reason so many vehicle owners line up at the local car wash at the first break in the weather. You can prepare your luxury car for winter by applying a conditioner to the leather seats and armrest, shampooing the carpets, and using a cleaning solution on plastic surfaces. Better yet, spend the money and have your luxury car or truck professionally detailed for the winter months.
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Check Your Lights

Your vehicle’s headlights can develop a film on the lens after years of usage that reduces their effectiveness and visibility. Consider having your headlights cleaned and restored by a professional specializing in Jaguar repair in Houston, TX.
Winter can be damaging to your Jaguar, so you’ll want seasonal maintenance from the best Jaguar service in Houston, TX. Bemer Motor Cars has the service and maintenance mechanics and technicians with the training and experience to keep your Jaguar luxury vehicle in peak running condition in all seasons. Before winter arrives, make an appointment with Bemer Motor Cars by calling 713-266-2690 today.

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