How Beneficial Are Used Luxury Cars?

Houston Certified Pre-owned BMW Car on Road

A luxury car is the choice of drivers when it comes to a dream car. It’s trading up from an older but dependable family sedan to a well-engineered mode of transportation fully equipped with leather seats and all the options you’ve dreamed about. That dream car is out of reach for most of us. The monthly payment for a new foreign or American-made luxury car can be the equivalent of a mortgage payment, and the cost of insuring one can be pricey. You’ve decided, though, that driving in luxury at least once in your life is worth it. You’ve had your eye on that used BMW for sale in Houston, TX, for some time, but are also asking yourself what you’re getting for the price. Buy from the right dealer and do your homework, and you could be getting a good deal on a used luxury car.

Pre-Owned vs. Certified

Pre-owned luxury vehicles from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Range Rover, and others are more available than ever. Dealerships regularly add to their inventory stock through trade-ins and lease returns, so there are more choices for you.
A pre-owned vehicle may offer the balance of the factory warranty if it’s transferable. It may be sold as is, which means you bear the responsibility of any subsequent repairs once it leaves the dealership.
Most dealerships market their near-mint condition luxury vehicles as certified pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. A certified pre-owned vehicle typically has no more than 60,000 to 80,000 miles on it and is no older than five to seven years. The vehicle’s operational history is checked for accidents, and it’s given a rigorous multipoint inspection by a factory-certified mechanic. You can be assured that the certified pre-owned luxury vehicle you’ve been looking over at the dealership is mechanically and cosmetically sound, is high performance, and has low mileage.

Benefits of Pre-Owned

You’ll be closer to owning your dream luxury car by buying one that’s certified pre-owned by the dealership. One of the benefits is that the car would be mechanically and cosmetically sound and have low mileage. The price you’ll pay also makes it beneficial for you to purchase that certified pre-owned car you’ve been checking out. The price of a certified pre-owned vehicle is substantially less than a new model, and it would look and run as if it were practically new.

More Value

Dealerships invest a lot into inspecting and refurbishing certified pre-owned vehicles. What you’d get is a luxury car that carries less mechanical risk than a noncertified used car. Be prepared to pay more even for a used vehicle; the average price tag of a certified pre-owned luxury vehicle is 17.5 higher than noncertified used vehicles. The value is in its reliability and potential for solid resale value.

You’re Worth It

It is up to you to decide if it’s beneficial to pay the higher price for a luxury class car that you’ll ride in comfort with the status associated with luxury brands. You’ll spend the money if you believe you’re worth it.
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