How to Prepare Your Land Rover for Spring

Land Rover on grassy hill

Spring is right around the corner. If you thought this winter was rough, imagine how your car must feel. As the snow melts and the temperatures rise, it’s time to think about transitioning your vehicle into spring. There are several seasonal maintenance tasks you can do to prepare your car for warmer weather. Check out these tips from your local Land Rover repair shop in Houston, TX.

Squeaky Clean

Snow and winter weather can wreak havoc on your car’s paint job. In some states, salt is used on roads and driveways to improve driving conditions. Residual salt on your exterior panels and undercarriage can permanently damage the paint and metal if left unwashed. Weather permitting, wash your cash regularly to prevent salt and grime buildup.
As warmer weather prevails, give your vehicle a thorough washing with a high-pressure water hose and dish soap. Use a long-neck sprayer to get under your vehicle for pressure washing, or use jack stands to lift the car. Invest in a detailing kit that includes clay bar, wax, and cleaning pads. Clay bar removes last year’s wax job, as well as dirt and rocks that may be embedded in the old wax. This is a necessary step to ensure that your new wax job adheres to a clean, even surface.
Apply the new wax job according to the manufacturer’s direction. Some products only require one application, which is usually enough to last until next fall. While you’re in spring-cleaning mode, take the time to clean and vacuum the inside of your car as well.

Seasonal Upgrades

Depending on where you live, extreme weather and freezing temperatures can take a toll on plastic and rubber pieces on your car. Your windshield wipers, for example, can crack and fall apart after being exposed to extreme temperatures. Replace your windshield wipers and check the rubber seals around your doors and windows. Replace weatherproofing seals as needed.
Check your tires’ air pressure. Cold temperatures cause air molecules to contract, so you may need to add more air to your tires to compensate. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for tire pressure.
Take a look inside your engine and inspect your belts and insulation. Like your wipers, belts and insulation are vulnerable to temperature damage. Replacing a belt can be difficult, depending on its location, but your local automotive repair shop can help.
Adding air to car tires

Regular Maintenance

While you’re at the local automotive shop, request an annual inspection of your vehicle. Ask them to check the suspension and the alignment, especially if your daily routes include potholes and rough terrain. Oil changes are another important part of seasonal automotive maintenance, as well as changing the air filters.
The right time to change your oil may vary depending on the type of oil you use, as well as the vehicle. Some manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles, but some synthetic oils are good up to 7,000 miles. Add coolant and wiper fluid as needed. Schedule your annual inspection and oil change today at Bemer Motor Cars, the best Land Rover mechanics in Houston, TX.

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