Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover: Which Luxury Car Best Fits Your Style?

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There are plenty of amazing vehicles available at local Houston used car dealerships, how do you know which one will fit your personal style the best? There are so many fantastic luxury cars for sale, it can be difficult to narrow down the selection.


The F-Pace from Jaguar doesn’t take its claim of being a sport auto lightly. Jaguar is known for making vehicles that are fun to drive, easy to handle, and deliver a fun factor just as much as they do luxury. The F-Pace is no exception. If you simply want something to get you from point A to point B, a Jaguar might be overkill. It shines brightest and works at its best when you put it through its paces.
While the F-Pace certainly looks beautiful and has a spacious interior, it delivers more than comfort and appearance. It’s agile, sleek, highly-responsive, and easy to handle. At times, it seems to operate more like a sports car than an SUV. If you think driving is supposed to be an experience, Jaguar has got you covered. The F-Pace is a fun ride that provides both luxury and impressive handling.


BMW doesn’t do half-measures. This may be why the X3 has so much power at its disposal. Of course, if it only had power to boast about, it wouldn’t be a true BMW. The X3 is also stylish and has a touch of sophistication. But don’t let the sleek curves fool you. It packs its fair share of punch. Yet, the driving experience is very much what you would expect from BMW. The steering is accurate and well-controlled. While the BMW X3 does have a surprising amount of muscle, it’s never a disappointing trip.
Of course, you still get the pleasure of all the technology, features, and perks that you’d expect from a luxury SUV. Even quieter than the F-Pace, the BMW X3 allows you to enjoy your favorite music in peace. The suspension is tough enough to tackle city streets or rough roads, so you should feel free to travel as desired. BMW can bring quality and style almost anywhere.
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Land Rover

Land Rover has been a name synonymous with four-wheel drive for years. The Discovery Sport is another installment in a long line of 4WD vehicles, and the SUV definitely doesn’t disappoint in that regard. While it generates very little road noise, it doesn’t skimp on handling. The Discovery Sport might not have as much power to offer as the X3, but it still has more than enough pep to keep up.
Perhaps the thing most surprising about the Land Rover is how spacious and comfortable it is. With ample room and incredibly comfortable seating, Land Rover has designed an SUV that’s impressively well-built for long trips and vacations. If you’re excited to see what the open road has to offer, but you’re partial to the niceties or a luxury ride, Land Rover may have just what you need with the Discovery Sport.
Depending on your person style and preferences, Jaguar, BMW, and Land Rover all have great offerings that deliver more than you might expect. Contact the professionals at Bemer Motor Cars to learn more about some of the best used luxury cars in Houston.

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