Prepare Your Land Rover for Spring

Car Wiper Blade

Spring is a great time to make sure your car is ready for the spring and summer driving season. Purchasing a certified used Land Rover in Houston, TX, does ensure you get great customer service when you need to visit their Land Rover repair shop, but you can help minimize necessary repairs by doing some preventive maintenance tasks in the spring. Here’s what you need to know.

Thorough Cleaning

Your vehicle can be subjected to numerous conditions throughout the winter that negatively impact the exterior. It’s important to thoroughly wash the vehicle after driving on dirt, sandy, or rocky roads. Make sure to clean the undercarriage and around the wheels, as well as the painted areas of the vehicle. It’s also important to clean the interior of the vehicle to help it last longer and to improve safety as well. The inside of the windows can develop a thin film that’s often ignored, but you’ll be surprised by how much clearer your view is if you take the time to clean the inside of the windows. Cleaning out all the garbage and doing a thorough vacuuming will also make you feel ready for road tripping!

Check Wiper Blades

Be sure to check the wiper blades when spring begins. Winter can be hard on wiper blades, so check for cracks or tears in the rubber parts. If the blades seem worn out or if they leave streaks or make scratching sounds when you use them, they need to be replaced. The wiper blades are important for two main reasons. Blades that are worn out make it difficult to drive in bad weather, but by replacing the blades, you can drive safely with good visibility. Worn our wiper blades can also possibly damage your windshield if they’re neglected and allowed to scratch across the surface continuously.

Prep the Tires

The tires are another important consideration when you’re getting your vehicle ready for spring and summer. In addition to checking your tire pressure every time you fill up the gas tank, it’s a good idea to take your Land Rover to get the condition of the tires, alignment, and suspension checked. Winter can wreak havoc on both alignment and suspension because winter frequently causes potholes to form on the roadways. In addition, driving on worn tires increases the chances of a blowout, so it’s important to replace the tires when necessary.
Tech Checking Car Tire

Get Professional Look Over

Finally, make sure you get your vehicle in for a professional Land Rover service in Houston, TX, every spring. There are numerous parts and systems of your Land Rover that should be inspected to help prevent major problems while driving. The repair technicians will do basic maintenance tasks like check and change the oil and air filter and check tire pressure, but they can also check for any issues like fluid leaks or worn belts that might result in a breakdown if not addressed now. They’ll also be able to advise you on manufacturer recommended maintenance tasks that need to be done according to mileage. To get your car properly maintained and ready for spring, contact Bemer Motor Cars today.

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