Reasons to Buy a Used Land Rover

Car Tech Inspecting Under Used Car

When you’re looking to buy a luxury vehicle, there are many reasons to consider purchasing a used vehicle rather than a brand new one. Of course, the initial price is the biggest factor, but it’s also important to consider the depreciation that occurs the moment a new vehicle is driven off the lot. It makes sense financially to purchase a used Land Rover because you don’t automatically lose a large portion of your investment, but the servicing of your vehicle is an important consideration as well. Many used vehicle dealerships offer mechanic services that provide benefits a new car dealership may not offer. Here are some ways that purchasing a used vehicle can result in finding the best Land Rover mechanic in Houston.


A major reason people purchase new vehicles is because of the allure of a manufacturer’s warranty. However, many customers find that honoring the warranty results in the wrong focus for the new dealer repair shop that services your brand new vehicle. While the warranty may ensure that any covered problems are repaired, you may find pressure being applied to have other unnecessary work performed so that the dealership is able to make additional money. It’s usually better to find a used car dealer with an on-site repair shop because independent shops are known for having higher customer satisfaction ratings than large, new-vehicle dealers. This service proves more valuable than a warranty.

Trained Technicians

Purchasing a used vehicle doesn’t mean you have to give up on the expertise of factory-trained technicians that are touted by new car dealerships. Dealerships aren’t the only place you can find technicians specifically trained to work on Land Rovers. In fact, used luxury car dealers usually have technicians that have specific training to work on many different brands so you won’t have to worry about technical proficiency. These technicians participate in ongoing education to stay certified so you can rest assured the mechanic will know the latest on Land Rover systems and repairs.

Labor Costs

New dealer mechanics will charge more for their services simply because they can claim to be trained directly by the manufacturer. However, this qualification often means that you’ll pay more for labor costs than you would with an independent mechanic that works for a used vehicle dealer. As is the case with many services, higher prices don’t necessarily equate to better service. In fact, a highly-trained independent mechanic will deliver the same results as a mechanic trained by the manufacturer but at a more affordable hourly rate. In addition, a dealer is required to use parts made solely by the manufacturer. That means that parts cost more and repair time may be longer as well because if the part is out of stock, they have to wait for shipments, unlike independent used car shops that may opt for alternative or rebuilt parts that work just as well.
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Customer Satisfaction

Finally, new dealership repair shops aren’t known for customer satisfaction. They employ a service manager who makes a commission off parts completed, which means you often end up with unnecessary repairs. A new car dealer’s loyalty is to the brand, while an independent repair shop that specializes in used Land Rover service in Houston answers to you and your satisfaction. Purchasing a used vehicle at a pre-owned dealer that has a service department gives you the best of both worlds. To learn more about purchasing a used vehicle or having yours serviced, contact Bemer Motor Cars today.

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