Preserving Your Mercedes Benz: Maintenance Tips

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Your Mercedes is truly a remarkable vehicle. Mercedes Benz has been engineering and manufacturing the finest cars in the world for over 100 years. Whether your Mercedes is the first Benz you’ve ever owned or you are a repeat customer, keeping your dream car driving like a dream requires some effort; that kind of precision doesn’t maintain itself. Here are four tips for maintaining your Mercedes in peak condition:

Pay Attention to Service Indicators

The engineers at Mercedes have equipped your vehicle with various sensors and warning lights designed to help you take care of your car. Never ignore an indicator light that appears on your dash; think of these lights as tools provided by Mercedes engineers to keep your vehicle as finely tuned as it was when it left the factory floor. Don’t procrastinate service and don’t disregard other warning lights; take your Benz to the best Mercedes Benz repair shop in Houston as soon as you see an indicator light appear on your dash.

Get to Know Your Car

While you may never know your car quite as well as the original engineers, your instincts are still valuable.

  • Look at your car. Make it a monthly habit to take a good, long look at your car. Walk around it and do your own visual inspection, inside and out. Look at the tires and check for wear. Look for scratches and dings. Look under the hood for anything that looks unusual; the more often you look, the more able you will become to see signs of trouble.
  • Listen to your car. You probably love the sound of your Mercedes engine; take the time to listen. Listen to the brakes and pay attention to any unusual sounds. A well-trained ear can often hear the sound of something that’s not quite right.

Focus on Safety

One of the best ways to keep your Mercedes in great condition is to ensure that it is safe to drive. Maintenance tasks such as filling the wiper fluid tanks, regularly replacing wiper blades, and cleaning the headlights enhance your visibility while on the road and go a long way towards preventing accidents and other misfortunes that can harm your vehicle. Keeping your tires in good condition also helps you stay safe on the road. Have them rotated regularly and watch for any signs of wear. Make checking tire pressures a regular part of your routine, especially in the fall and spring, where changing temperatures can significantly impact tire pressure.

Keep it Clean

Your Mercedes is truly a thing of beauty. Keeping your car clean is critical to maintaining that beauty. Letting something like bird droppings, mud, bugs, and road salt linger on your car risks permanently damaging and dulling the luster and finish. Wash your car regularly to keep the shine fresh. And don’t forget a coat of wax! Adding a coat of wax has two benefits. First, a freshly waxed car looks amazing, but even more importantly, wax protects the finish. Regular washing plus a protective coat of wax protects the paint from the ravages of the road.
Clean Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Certified Technicians

Beyond these four things, the best thing you can do for your Mercedes is to have a relationship with your local Mercedes-certified Technicians. For the best Mercedes service in Houston, bring your Benz into Bemer Motor Cars. Our technicians are here to help you keep your car running in peak condition for as long as you own your vehicle.

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