Signs You Need Auto Body Painting Services

Man Touching Up a Red Car with a Fine Paintbrush

How great does it feel driving around in a shiny clean car? Amazing, right? Whether this is because you just drove it off the lot or perhaps just out of the car wash, a fresh car just feels great. Unfortunately, luxury cars like BMWs can’t always stay looking in tip-top shape and often need BMW auto repair. A few cosmetic updates can make all the difference. There are some signs you need to look for to indicate that your car needs a new coat of paint.

Rust from the Weather

The ultimate thing that will always be out of our control is, yes, the weather. Unfortunately, the weather takes a toll on your car, no matter where you live. Many car owners come in wondering how their paint deteriorated when they never even had an accident or abuse their car. Living in a very humid climate can create bubbles in the paint, exposing parts underneath. This can cause the car to begin to rust, which will lead to even more problems in the future. Living in a very cold and dry climate is also threatening to the paint of your car. Salt on the road will eat away at your car in no time. Even as much as wiping the salt from the under edges of your car can keep the paint from beginning to rust.

Scratches and Chips from Accidents

This one is probably pretty obvious. If you get into an accident and nothing else is damaged, the paint is often the one thing that needs a touch-up. Even some chips or scratches in the paint can lead to rust down the road. If your car has been through some other kind of hardship like getting keyed or side swiped, these are often too deep for a simple touch up. You’ll want to get the best BMW repair services to correctly fix the damages.

Peeling Due to Age

Cars are out in the sun and cold and wind and rain, and this simply takes a lot of wear and tear on the external body of your car. Finding a place to store your car inside can make a huge difference in the longevity of how long the paint stays fresh and able to protect the rest of your car. The clear coat is put on last and acts as a sealant to the paint underneath to protect it. Once this begins to peel back, the paint underneath completely exposed. If you want a professional to look over your car for any issues, take it to a mechanic and they can help you out.
Ultimately, it’s up to you to keep your car in check and the paint looking fresh. Be aware of the issues above that can cause the paint to fade and keep up with how the exterior of your car looks. If a paint job won’t cut it and it’s too late in the game to repaint your car, check out certified pre-owned BMWs in Houston, as Bemer Motor Cars has many top of the line models to browse through.

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