Why Now May Be the Best Time to Buy a New Car

Certified Pre-owned Car Dealer in Houston, TX

If you’re on the hunt for a new car, acting fast may be the best thing for your wallet. Whether your existing car is on its way out, you’ve totaled a car, or you just think it’s time for a change, visit a pre-owned car dealer in Houston, TX, as soon as you can to find the best deals of the year.
In fact, the current deals are rare and actually beat the prices and offers seen in other recent years. Read on to learn more about what dealerships are offering these days and why now is the best time to start shopping for a new car.

The Industry Responds

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the economy and affected lives around the country. This has taken a toll on many industries and their customers. But the auto industry–including manufacturers and pre-owned car dealerships alike–have responded by taking steps to increase consumer confidence. Right now, many dealerships are offering deferred payment plans, attractive 0% down offers, low interest rates, and more. Pre-owned luxury car dealerships are more willing to offer these attractive deals than let products sit on their lots and depreciate.

Better Selection

Believe it or not, when consumer confidence is high, it can actually be tough to find exactly what you want when you car shop. But in the summer of 2020, fewer people are car shopping, and that means fewer people for you to race against when you find a great deal on a quality car. Pre-owned luxury car dealers often have to disappoint customers by informing them that a great car with a great sticker price has already been purchased. But in this buyer’s market, you have more vehicles to choose from, with more dealerships eager to push products and get you the perfect car at a rate that suits your budget.

Online Shopping

You don’t always have to drive by a car lot in order to shop for a new car. Today, you can explore vehicle selections online, learn more about a dealership’s offerings, and read up on current savings. That way, when you do decide to check out and test drive a car in person, you’ll be a more educated consumer. 2020 has moved more business online than ever, so you can do more, see more, and learn more from the comfort of home. Which dealership carries luxury cars at great prices? Who has the brands and models that appeal to you most? Finally, who is going to put your budget first?

Shop Now

There are a few reasons why you should shop now and not wait too much longer. That’s because as the economy begins to re-stabilize, many car dealers and manufacturers are scaling back their attractive offers. Many are responding to an increase in buyers due to attractive offers and rates and boomeranging back to their former, more conservative offers–low interest as opposed to no-interest financing, for example. The longer you wait, the more attractive offers simply disappear.
So where should you shop for your new car? Make Bemer Motor Cars your first stop. We are one of the finest and best-reviewed certified pre-owned car dealerships near Houston, TX. We proudly serve the entire Houston area with our line of luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW. Visit us today to browse our selection and learn about our attractive offers before they’re gone.

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