Signs Your BMW Needs Service

BMW Service in Houston, TX

If you’re the owner of any vehicle, you know that it will need a tune-up at some point in the future. No car is going to stay in perfect condition without some effort. Your BMW is no exception to this rule. To prevent breakdowns in the middle of the road or other major issues, you need to have your BMW serviced every 10,000-30,000 miles depending on the age of your vehicle. The older the vehicle is, the more frequently you will need to take it in to keep it running properly. Between your regular maintenance, you may experience some car troubles. Luckily, your car has many warning signs for you to watch out for so that you can have your BMW serviced in Houston, TX.

Problems with Starting the Vehicle

This is one of the most obvious signs that there is something wrong with your vehicle. Issues related to your car having issues starting can be something with the fuel pump, the battery, or the ignition. An expert can easily diagnose and repair these problems before they become even more serious. You shouldn’t wait until your car won’t start at all to get these problems fixed. Your vehicle will tell you it is having problems by being slow to start before it becomes near impossible to start at all.

Unusual Sounds

When it comes to anything mechanical, unusual sounds are always a cause for concern. After all, your engine shouldn’t be making whatever odd sounds you may be hearing. Unusual sounds can be anything like knocking, whining, whirring, and loud idling. You should never ignore strange sounds coming from your engine as they can be signs of a whole slew of complications. A simple tune-up may be all your vehicle needs to be in tip-top shape again, or it may need some extra work in order to remedy a growing problem.

Unexpected Stalling

You may notice that your car stalls at odd times. This can be a frequent or infrequent problem, but it is a problem nonetheless. Pay attention to your environment as well as your car when this happens as it can help you and a mechanic determine what troubles your vehicle is experiencing. It could be the outside temperature affecting a part of the engine or the use of the heater or air conditioning trying to counteract the external temperatures. Your vehicle could be stalling when you come to a stop at lights or a stop sign. Your engine may need to be cleaned or it may need a few parts replaced when it starts stalling like this.

Poor Gas Mileage

One of the more hidden signs of car trouble is getting poor gas mileage. You may want to look into BMW repair in Houston, TX if you start to spend more than usual in gas each month. Vehicles don’t just lose gas mileage for no reason whatsoever. You could have faulty spark plugs or have a problem with your fuel injector. Take your vehicle in for service if you notice that you’re using more gas while not changing your driving habits. You can trust a BMW dealership in Houston to provide you with expert care when you experience any of these problems. Contact Bemer Motor Cars at (713) 266-2690 when you need professional car service.

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