How to Get a Good Deal on a New Car This Summer

Pre-owned Luxury Car Dealerships in Houston, TX

Shopping for a pre-owned luxury car be the first step down an exciting path to vehicle ownership. Buying a car is invigorating, especially when you can broker an excellent deal on the perfect vehicle. Fortunately, there’s no better time than the summer to purchase new or pre-owned vehicles. The deals get hotter as the temperatures outdoors rise. That’s why many people visit pre-owned luxury car dealerships in Houston, TX, when the summer rolls around to take advantage of some of the biggest savings of the year.
Though pre-owned luxury car dealers are primed to offer excellent deals in the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, getting the best buy requires more than simply setting foot on the car lot of your choice. There are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. There’s nothing like getting the luxury car of your dreams without spending a mint to do it, and with these tips, that goal is attainable. Keep reading to learn how you can get a great deal on a car this summer.

Watch for Holiday Sales

Holiday sales equal bargains for car consumers, so it’s important that you take advantage during the summer’s big three holidays. Many pre-owned car dealerships offer substantial savings centered around Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, so stay tuned to local advertisements to determine which dealerships to shop. Or, you can simply visit a few dealerships as those holidays approach to survey the inventory and learn about any potential savings that may be tied to upcoming holiday sales.

Know the Worth

Not everyone is tuned in to the fluctuating market for pre-owned luxury cars and the related values of those automobiles. However, before you begin shopping this summer, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with both the average value and specific value metrics associated with the cars you’re considering. That means not only knowing the relative value of a car but also how that value can be impacted by factors such as the model, age, mileage, and condition. If you can familiarize yourself with the going rate for the vehicles you’re seeking and what qualities can raise or lower the value relative to other cars of the same make and model, you’ll be better prepared to interpret the worth of a vehicle on the lot and negotiate the best price.

Get Preapproved for Financing

One of the most powerful tools a car buyer can use in the automobile purchase process is pre-secured financing. You may not know it, but car dealerships often make a pretty penny from financing cars on-site, even if external financing companies are used. Therefore, your best bet is to shop around for financing with your bank, credit union, or other loan companies before you begin shopping. That way, you won’t be coerced into dealership financing if the rate and terms that are offered can beat the financing you secured on your own. It also means that you’ll be ready to jump on any bargains you see rather than risking them to financing-related delays.

Know the Worth of Your Trade-In

It’s important to be able to determine the value of a car you’re planning to purchase, but it’s equally important to understand the value of the car that you may be trading in as well. Trade-ins provide a valuable offset on the cost of your purchase, so you want to get as much benefit from the transaction as possible. In essence, you’ll need to act as a salesman for your trade-in, so know its worth and be prepared to highlight any features that may boost its trade-in value.
Before interacting with pre-owned luxury car dealers in Houston, TX, make sure you read and understand the tips above to prepare yourself for the car buying process. By following these tips, you’ll be able to get the best deal on a pre-owned luxury car this summer. To learn more about getting a great deal on a pre-owned luxury car this summer, contact Bemer Motor Cars at (713) 266-2690.

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