Smart Reasons Why You Should Buy a Pre-Owned Car

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Buying a pre-owned vehicle can put you behind the wheel of a new model car at a price that you can afford. However, buyers can experience some anxiety at purchasing a vehicle with an unknown history and a suspect repair record.
As the average cost of a new car or truck continues to rise, drivers are turning to pre-owned vehicles. They are drawn to vehicles that are built better, operate longer, and cost less in depreciation. Many dealers offer certified pre-owned vehicles in their inventory that are low mileage and covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.
Because buying a car or truck is one of the most important financial decisions you will make, it’s important to do your research before heading to one of the pre-owned car dealerships in Houston, TX, with your checkbook. Consider these smart advantages to purchasing a pre-owned car.

Better Vehicles

The stigma attached to pre-owned cars and trucks that they are of lesser quality. Purchasing a used car often meant taking ownership of a vehicle that is prone to problems soon after leaving the lot. Improvements in manufacturing and design have produced cars and trucks that are more dependable and reliable. If the original owner had maintained it well, the pre-owned car you choose to buy would likely operate efficiently for many years under your ownership.

Lower Insurance

New cars typically cost more to insure because of the higher expense involved if the vehicle is damaged in an accident or if a total loss must be covered. Pre-owned cars are lower in value due to depreciation, but it also means paying lower collision and comprehensive coverage rates. Buying a vehicle from a pre-owned car dealer can be a money saver when it comes to insurance coverage, but you will want to speak with your insurance agent or broker first.

Coverage Options 

The inventory of pre-owned car dealerships typically includes cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty up to a limited number of miles or a specific amount of time. Not every vehicle in the inventory may be protected, and even the most reliable car can develop a problem. Many dealerships offer purchasers the option to buy extended warranty protection for their pre-owned vehicles. The coverage, typically from a third-party provider, would pay for any mechanical issues beyond normal wear and tear. This gives the buyer peace of mind once they take their pre-owned vehicle out of the lot.

An Opportunity to Upgrade

The lower purchase cost of a pre-owned vehicle and the potential for lower insurance coverage rates that may go with it means you may have the opportunity to upgrade. The car of your dreams can be attainable if you’re within your means to afford it.
Pre-owned vehicles have come a long way to overcoming their used car reputation. You may be set on making your next vehicle a pre-owned car that looks good, is comfortable during the test drive, and meets your budget. You’ll still want to check the service background, and have it inspected by your mechanic if possible. Do your research before heading to one of the pre-owned car dealerships for your next choice of car.
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