Does Your Driving Style Affect Your European Car?

European car repair in Houston

You take great pride in your luxury European car. It speaks of your refined taste and style, so naturally, you want to take good care of your vehicle. But did you know that your driving style impacts the wear and tear on your car? It’s true. Service centers offering the best European car repair in Houston see it all the time. Depending on your driving style, the type and frequency of the service you need for your car will vary. Here are a few insights on how the way you drive affects your car.

Frequent Short Trips

Short trips of just a few miles mean your car never really warms up. These trips are harder on your engine than longer trips. With short trips, moisture tends to build up in your engine, which can adversely affect its performance in the long run. If your daily routine calls for short trips, there’s not much you can do about that situation. But you can assume that you may need more frequent service from a European car repair shop in Houston.

City Driving

Driving in cities generally means more stop and go traffic. With this type of driving, you can expect to need more frequent brake work because you’re using them more often. On the other hand, if you primarily cruise down highways, chances are you’ll get more mileage out of your brakes due to less frequent use.

Dragging Brakes on Hills

If you do too much heavy braking when traveling downhill, you’ll find yourself shortening the life of your brakes. Of course, you do need to control your speed on hills, but you can partially do that by putting your car in a lower gear, which reduces the amount of braking you’ll need to do.

Sudden Stops

If your driving style causes you to do frequent quick stops, it could be shortening the life of your brakes. Speeding up only to slam on the brakes a short time later is a driving pattern to avoid. It’s best to develop a consistent driving pattern that minimizes frequent sudden stops.

Road Hazards

Keep your eyes focused keenly on the road to avoid potholes, speed bumps, and debris. Hitting any of these hazards can knock your car out of alignment, which can affect handling and cause uneven wear on tires. Admittedly, not every hazard can be avoided, but it’s best to be aware as much as you can to reduce adverse impact on your vehicle.  

Shifting before Fully Stopping

You should bring your car to a full stop before shifting between drive and reverse. Shifting without fully stopping is stressful on the transmission. It’s best to practice patience because transmission work is some of the most expensive for car maintenance.  

Revving Cold Engines

When you start your engine, don’t immediately floor the accelerator to rev the engine. You should give the engine time for the oil to begin circulating throughout the system. Revving a cold engine can cause undue wear.

Ignoring Unexplained Sounds

There’s an old joke that says if you hear a noise coming from your vehicle, just turn up the radio so you can’t hear it anymore. Truth be told, if you hear a noise, get it checked out as soon as possible. Shops offering European car repair in Houston, TX, can fix minor problems before they become bigger problems if caught early enough.
If you take good care of your European car, it will perform beautifully. Contact Bemer Motor Cars for experienced European car repair in Houston. Their technicians are highly trained in the mechanical needs of today’s luxury European cars.
European car repair in Houston

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