When Do You Need a BMW Mechanic?

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When your car needs maintenance or repairs, you go to a mechanic you can trust. Typically, these individuals perform work on all models of cars, and they don’t specialize in any specific type of vehicle. But if you have a BMW, you might want to consider BMW repair shops in Houston, TX trained to work on these luxury cars. Keep reading to learn what kinds of work are best performed by a certified BMW mechanic.

Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance on a BMW is pretty similar to regular maintenance on any other type of vehicle. A standard mechanic can certainly rotate and balance your tires, change your oil, and check different fluid levels. So if you only need these kinds of essential services completed, you could probably get by with any mechanic in town.

However, if you want a complete checkup done on your vehicle, including engine diagnostics, you’ll still want a BMW mechanic. BMWs require different diagnostic tools than most cars. So, your average body shop may not have the right equipment to perform a complete checkup on your BMW. Look for a certified shop in BMW repairs and maintenance, and you can be sure they will have the proper diagnostic tools for your car.

Body Work

Whether or not you need a specialized BMW mechanic for bodywork will depend on the extent of the work that needs to be done. If you need a scratch or a dent repair on your door, any shop can do this for you. This kind of work doesn’t involve any crucial systems in the car’s design, so it doesn’t require the specialized knowledge that BMW experts have.

If the body damage is pretty extensive on your BMW, it’s a good idea to look for a BMW body shop instead of just any average auto repair shop. Body shops are trained to find and repair any structural or internal damage to the vehicle’s delicate systems.

Technical Issues

If your BMW has performance issues that you think might be a technical problem, you need to take it to a certified BMW mechanic. As we’ve already mentioned, your BMW has a different onboard system than most cars, which requires a separate diagnostic tool. When your BMW isn’t performing as it should, you’ll want to have a mechanic who can perform a thorough, accurate diagnostic test on it to determine the exact source of the problem and get it fixed properly. Your average neighborhood auto shop likely won’t have the right tools for the job.

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It’s also important to be aware of the warranty terms on your BMW if a warranty is still in place. It may specify that all work needs to be performed by a BMW-certified mechanic to maintain your warranty. In which case, you should find someone to perform all routine maintenance and necessary repairs, regardless of what they may be.

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