Are BMW’s Reliable? BMW Common Problems & Reliability

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BMWs are known as the Ultimate Driving Machine. But, while there’s no doubt that BMWs are universally acclaimed as brilliant cars to drive, there are some who say these iconic automobiles are also the Ultimate Money Sucking Machines. Is there any truth to this perception? Let’s take a closer look.

Standard Maintenance

BMWs have a demanding standard maintenance program, which is one valid reason the brand has a reputation for being a money drain. BMW engineers give owners a carefully crafted service schedule designed to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape. Precision is key to your BMW’s performance, and maintaining that precision takes consistent care and attention. Owners of BMWs bring their cars to our BMW repair shop in Houston, TX, more often than owners of other cars because that’s what it takes to keep their vehicle in prime condition.
In addition, BMW service costs more. While you can take a Toyota or a Honda to any corner shop for a standard oil change and spend less than $50, a BMW oil change requiring specialized synthetic oil will run you closer to double that amount. Additionally, the many things that make BMW so fun to drive, like larger brakes, wider wheels, performance tires with staggered setups that cannot be rotated, and aggressive, sporty suspension, are more costly to maintain.
When it comes to maintenance, BMWs require more, and it comes at a higher cost, both of which contribute to BMWs reputation for being expensive to own.


BMWs are known to experience three common problems:

  • Electrical system issues
  • Oil leaks
  • Cooling system problems

These problems most often appear in the 80,000 to 120,000-mile range and their prevalence contributes to BMW’s reputation for being unreliable and expensive to own. Not every BMW will experience these problems, but they are common enough to warrant some preparation and research if you’re a BMW owner. And knowledgeable BMW technicians performing BMW repair in Houston, TX, can be pricey, so combining a high hourly labor rate and premium parts is a perfect recipe for an expensive repair bill.
BMW Repair Shop Service Center in Houston, TX

The Bottom Line

Certainly, BMW is not as reliable as other brands with reputations for consistent dependability, but this fact does not signify that BMWs are unreliable. It’s also true that BMWs, in general, cost more to maintain than other non-luxury brands. Nevertheless, BMWs are faster, sportier, sleeker, and more demanding than the average car, so it’s no surprise that they require extra care to keep them that way. As is true of any luxury good, the cost of ownership is an important part of the equation. All that said, when you buy a BMW, you’re purchasing the Ultimate Driving Machine, not the Ultimate Financial Value Machine or the Ultimate Reliability Machine. What you’re getting is one of the finest cars money can buy.
Bring your BMW to Bemer Motor Cars in Houston for service and repairs. Our experienced technicians provide superior service at a fair price. Call today and then sit back and enjoy the thrill of the drive.

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